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$12,050 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Getaway Log Home

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The Getaway tiny cabin is the smallest of the Recreational Camp cabin series by Coventry Log Homes. It’s a cozy one-room wood cabin with a bathroom. This small log cabin can be quickly built and is the perfect rustic cabin getaway in the outdoors. The one-room cabin can be configured to your liking and used as a sleeping area or a living/kitchen space downstairs with a loft upstairs for sleeping. The photo gallery will show you the various options. The front covered porch provides shelter from the elements as well as a place for relaxation at the end of a long day. This small prefab log cabin kit includes everything you need to construct a great wood home. The Getaway small cabin has 192 square foot of living space and starts at just $17,650.

Getaway is a great log cabin to consider as a vacation house. It is good to get away and spend some time in the nature. This will help you de-stress. Getaway wood home is a great option. With a small cabin, you don’t have to do much cleaning. A smaller space will encourage you to spend more time outdoors, which is a part of the log-cabin experience. The Getaway simple floor plan allows you to build your dream log cabin in a natural setting that you love. This small cabin is a great option for a getaway, vacation home or getaway. It’s a great place to enjoy time away with family and close friends. You can enjoy yourself both physically as well as mentally by spending time in wood designs and cabins that are close to the nature. Vacationers and people who go on getaways tend to be happier in general. A wood cabin or logs in the forest where you can walk to the lake or go on long walks is a wonderful way to create lasting memories. When you stay in a log-built cabin, you’re more likely to get out and do some exercise, or go for a hike. You are more likely to enjoy outdoor activities when you spend time in a wood or log cabin away from the cities. This includes going for a bike ride, hiking, swimming, or boating. Wood is healthy to breathe, and combined with fresh air, it can have a positive effect on people. Small log cabins can be a great place to start making memories with your family.

The Getaway is one of many wood cabins that you can find on the Coventry Log Homes website. There are over 70 log home models and five series to choose from. *