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$15,400 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Timbertrail Log Home

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The Timbertrail log home package is an inviting cabin from Coventry Log Homes’ Recreation Series. This simple plan includes a bedroom, a bath and a covered porch in the front for outdoor time. The Timbertrail log house can comfortably sleep six people in its loft and one bedroom design. Coventry Log Homes also offers rustic log beds and loft beds that you can purchase in addition to the package. This prefab log home could be easily built in three to four weekends by a group of friends. The Recreational Series log house packages are affordable and meet all recreational use requirements with their four by eight logs. Timbertrail log houses packages start at $15.400 for the logs that are pre-cut and $23.800 for the four by eight complete package. The first floor of the Log House has a bedroom, a bathroom, a living area and a covered patio. The loft can be used as additional sleeping space or for storage. This charming log house package can be upgraded with a one-, two-, or three-car garage.

A log house kit is a great option for a vacation home that you can afford. Log house kits do the majority of work for you and you can know in advance what you’re getting. To get your log house kit up and running, you’ll need to have a log-home building site. The cost of building a log home will vary depending on where you want to build. Oceanside, lakefront and mountainside properties are the most expensive. The prices of log house locations can be lower if they are located further away from major cities. They can also be quieter and more relaxed. Your budget and your favorite activities and places will determine the location you choose. A log house in a place you love will inspire outdoor activities, such as walking, hiking or boating.

Coventry Log Homes has a wide range of log home kits. The Timbertrail package is one example. The best thing about log home packages is that they have already done a lot for you. Your log house kit is delivered with all the building materials you will need. You will receive the subfloor, pre-cut logs, doors, windows, a complete roofing system, interior log home framing and all the tongue and groove wood needed to finish your log cabin. Included in the four-by-eight complete package are interior doors, locks, hardware, the loft system and more. In the design and package of the log house, you will also find porch beams, log railings and more. This cabin kit also includes clear white cedar siding that is ready to be painted in the color of your choosing. The log house package does not include the following materials: plumbing and heating materials, the foundation, the basement support posts, and any masonry materials needed. Along with the electrical material, the kitchen counters or cabinets, the finished flooring, any stains, finishes, roof insulation, nails and miscellaneous pieces, such as vents and flashing. **