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$27,050 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Woodland Log Home

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The Woodland log home is what you picture when you think of log houses. The covered front porch is perfect for relaxing at any time. The Woodland log house is a functional log floor plan, perfect for a weekend getaway or as a starter house. The open concept kitchen and living room, with two bedrooms below and an upstairs loft which opens to the ground floor. This log house package offers 1,140 square foot of living space. The six by eight complete package starts at $48,800. The home is comfortable with lots of wood both inside and outside. Take a look at the Woodland cabins photo gallery to see the interiors, exteriors, and locations of this warm and cozy log house construction. This simple log house design and floor plan is sure to make you fall in love.

The Woodland is a package of log houses that you can consider if you’re thinking about a log house. A log house is not only a green option that is good for you and the environment, but it is also a durable and long-lasting build. Building a log home package is an environmentally friendly choice. Coventry Log Homes, a log home company known for its sustainable and environmental practices, will make you feel good about your home. Their log house packages are all-natural and contain no harmful toxins, so you can feel comfortable living in them. Coventry only works with local loggers that manage their natural resources responsibly. Coventry Log Homes recycles all the wood waste from their log house manufacturing. The company produces wood shavings from the waste left over after manufacturing log home kits for local farmers. Coventry Log Homes uses the wood ends from the manufacturing process to heat their factory buildings and gives residents free wood for their homes. It is important to purchase and live in a log home if you want to live a greener lifestyle. It is easy and natural to do your part for the environment by using more wood and buying log home kits. Wood cabins and log home packages reduce greenhouse gases and store carbon. A healthy, sustainable forest is an easy solution to climate changes. A healthy forest can absorb three tons carbon dioxide per acre and release two tons of oxygen. It is also healthier to live in a log house that is made from natural wood and not treated with harmful chemicals. A log home package is an excellent way to both help the environment and live a greener lifestyle.

The Woodland log house package is just one of a number of log house packages that you can find on the Coventry Log Home web site. The Woodland is from the Cabin series of log houses, which offers cabins with rustic charm. Knotty pine cabin grade logs are used in this series. **

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