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$33,250 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Swiftwater Log Home

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Building a home is always exciting, but it’s even more so when you build a log cabin like this $59750 compact log home that allows for light and views to enter. With the help of log homes kits, such as this Swiftwater model by Coventry Log Homes, building a log home or cabin is also possible. Coventry Log Homes offers a wide range of log cabins and houses, including luxury log homes that are suitable for any budget. Some people like to build a log house with a simple, classic design. Others prefer to build a cabin or house that is modern and has all the latest comforts. If you are on a tight budget, you can build an ultra-simple log house or a cabin with only one or two rooms and one bathroom. The less rooms a home has, the more affordable it is. If you have more money to spend, you may want to consider a log house with more space like the Swiftwater. Coventry Log Homes also offers larger plans, including the Ascutney. The Swiftwater is the compact version of these larger plans.

Swiftwater Log Home is a simple, elegant log house design that would be ideal for full-time living or as a cabin for seasonal recreational use. The vaulted ceilings of this design give the impression of more space. The large deck with an open design is also a great feature, as is the covered porch at the side. A covered outdoor area is essential for enjoying outdoor activities in rainy or cold weather. Some people enclose their porches and decks in winter to prevent the cold winds from blowing through. Swiftwater log home is 1,140 sq. ft. with two bedrooms, and one bathroom. The loft looks out onto the living room. The Swiftwater’s website shows photos of a loft that can be used as an office or a guestroom. The loft features opening windows that allow for natural light and circulation. The living area also has a number of windows and sliding glass doors that open onto the deck. These allow for plenty of natural light into the room, and showcase the views surrounding the home.

When building a cabin or log house, you should consider the orientation of your house. Where do you wish the windows and decks would face? What direction is best for each area of the house? It’s best to have the kitchen and bedroom facing east, so that they can enjoy the morning light. Spend some time on the property before you decide where to place your home. Once it’s in place, it will stay there forever. It’s also a good idea to keep trees around. Place deciduous, leafy trees on the south of the house to get shade in summer and heat in winter. Pine trees can be used as windbreakers, and they also provide shade because their needles will not fall off. Swiftwater photos are a great way to get log house ideas.***

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