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$43,750 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Oak Ridge Log Home

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If you like log houses, take a look at the $85,550 Beautiful Oak Ridge Log House with 3 bedrooms and a loft to enjoy sunlight. This log home is a delight to own, live in, and enjoy for many years. Log houses are among the most sought-after houses in the entire world. Since hundreds of years, people have used logs to build structures such as houses, barns and churches. People may be put off by the idea that log houses are expensive. They can be expensive depending on who is building or distributing the log house.

Log home materials and labour can be expensive. People want quality, but they also have to pay a price for it. There is a certain amount of worry when deals seem too good to be real. You should ensure that the materials used in a log house kit you purchase are of high-quality and sustainably sourced.

Back in the old days, people would just go and cut down any tree to use as building materials. Now, due to the increased demand for these beautiful building materials there are regulations and restrictions regarding how many trees can be used and where the trees are harvested. The majority of log home lumber comes from sustainable plantations, where everything is closely controlled. These plantations follow specific guidelines in order to avoid wasting precious natural resources and to limit the use of trees from ancient forests. The trees are grown on the plantation and then cut down when they are ready for harvest. The logs go through a mill and are then taken to a log building company, where skilled craftsmen will handcraft them into the interlocking parts that make up a log house. When you work with a company such as Coventry Log Homes the materials are labeled to fit together perfectly once it’s time to assemble log home kits.

These log home kits, like the Oak Ridge kit, are a labor of love. This is why they are more expensive than a conventional stick frame, dry-wall house. Log houses are always worth the investment. The finished product with all the natural logs looks amazing. Plus, log homes are healthier to live than a home made from man-made materials. The air in a house made of logs is cleaner and allergy-free because the logs naturally filter out toxins and allergens. These homes also reduce stress and anxiety among the residents, as humans are happier when they are in contact with nature. Logs are a popular home building material, as they are durable and can withstand strong winds, heavy rains, and snowfall. Some log houses have endured hurricanes and quakes. The Oak Ridge is a simple, beautiful log house. The Oak Ridge is a simple, practical layout, with three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It has a huge patio for you to enjoy the outdoors, or even place a hot-tub on. This log house kit, from Coventry’s Tradesman Series log home kits, would be perfect for any family. It would last for years.***