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6 tiny home floor plans with simple but efficient kitchens

  • 5 min read

Although it is difficult to live in a tiny house, the end result is always worth it. These plans consider that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house.
Even though your kitchen space is small, it’s possible to have a functional and efficient kitchen. These plans have functional kitchens which take up as little space but don’t restrict your ability to cook.

1. Modern studio home starting at Houseplans
This small studio design is from Houseplans The area is 320 square feet (30 meters). The front door is under a small covered porch and leads directly to the L-shaped kitchen corner. The main living space takes up the majority of the home. However, there is a bathroom with a tub in the corner behind it.
2. Tiny country cottage ePlans
This home measures 480 square feet (45 sq meters). ePlans The front porch has a small terrace and the side has a large one. The kitchen is accessed via the front porch. The side terrace is accessible via sliding glass doors that are located in the open-concept living/dining room. Two bedrooms and a bathroom with a tub are located in the rear of the home.

3. Get cozy in a little cabin Family Home Plans
This design measures 600 sq. feet (56.4 meters). Family Home Plans A large porch is located at the front. Double doors lead to the main living space of the home. The kitchen is on the left and the living area is on the right. The rooms are separated by a wood stove that can be detached. The back section of the home contains two bedrooms and an ensuite bathroom with a bathtub.

4. One-bedroom carriage home starting at Houseplans
This is a lovely little design. Houseplans It is 683 square feet (63.4 square meters) and sits above a 2-car garage. The home is reached by a flight stairs that rises from the garage below. A small coat closet is located at the top of stairs. The living room and open-concept kitchen are to the right. The kitchen runs along the wall to the back of this room, and has a convenient island. The bedroom is located on left side of stairs. A bathroom with a bathtub is adjacent.

5. Tiny rancher from ePlans
This home is 640 square foot (60 square meters) ePlans The home has everything that a small family could need to live comfortably. The living room and dining area are on the front, while the small L-shaped kitchen can be found on the right. A side door leads to the covered porch. Two bedrooms and a bathroom with a tub are located behind the living room.

6. Traditional two-bedroom home starting at Family Home Plans
This design is from Family Home Plans Despite being only 576 square feet (54 m2), it is able to accommodate two bedrooms. The front door leads to the living room to the left and the kitchen to the right. The private living area is located at the back of your home. Here, you will find two bedrooms and a bathroom with a tub.