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7 tiny home floor plans inspired by country living

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Country houses are a very popular style of home in America. These homes look great in any setting, whether it’s in the country or in the city.
You can live alone or with a family of four, there is a tiny country home for you. Have a look at the list and let us know which one is your dream home!
1. Charming home with lots of porch space Family Home Plans.
This home is from Family Home Plans This home has lots of curb appeal, measuring 864 square foot (80 square meters). The front door can be found under a large front porch and opens into the great space. To the left is a small coat closet. In the back right corner of this home is a U-shaped, eat-in kitchen. It opens to a second covered terrace. On the left-hand corner of the home, you will find a bathroom with tub, a large master suite with a walk in closet and a smaller bedroom.
2. Cottage with two walk in closets ePlans.
This home measures 900 square feet (84 sq meters). ePlansThe bedrooms have plenty of storage space. The front of the house features an open-plan living room and eat in kitchen. The kitchen also includes a pantry. A small hallway leads you to two bedrooms with walk in closets, a linen cupboard, and a bathroom that has a bathtub.
3. Country home with U-shaped Kitchen from Architectural Designs.
This floor plan is 924 square feet (86 m2) in size. Architectural Designs It is divided into private and shared living spaces. The main entrance to the home is through a door hidden in the deep front porch. The central hallway is located right inside the door. The living room, dining area, and family room are open-concept and are located on the left side of the home. Two bedrooms and a bath are to the right. The front door leads to a large laundry room.
4. One bedroom apartment with efficiency starting at Family Home Plans.
This design comes from Family Home Plans It measures 676 sq. ft. (63 sq. m) and is the perfect size for one person or a couple. The home’s focal point is the large central fireplace that can be seen from both the living room as well as the bedroom. The kitchen has a large pantry, and is separated from it by a counter with a large sink. The back of the house houses the bedroom, bathroom and utility closet.
5. Cottage with lots of storage space in the kitchen ePlans.
This design comes from ePlans Measures 864 square feet (80 sq. meters) and includes two identical-sized bedrooms. The front of the home features a covered porch and the front door opens up to reveal the open-plan living space. The kitchen is located in back right corner of home and features a walk-in pantry and laundry room. There is also a small snack bar. Both bedrooms have access to the bathroom with a tub on the left side.
6. Traditional home with attached Garage Houseplans.
This design measures 985 sq. ft (92 square meter). Houseplans The home features both an open back patio and a covered porch at the front. The front door opens onto a small area of tiled space in the great hall, behind which is located the eatin kitchen. The kitchen is connected to a small laundry area across the hall. To the right are two bedrooms that share a bathroom and a tub. The garage is located to the rear of the home and offers access to a lot of storage space.
7. Two-bedroom home with charming exterior details. Architectural Designs.
This charming home was built by Architectural Designs It boasts a great curb appeal and measures 946 sq. feet (88 sq. meters). Continue straight ahead to the dining area by passing through the front door. An eating bar separates the dining room from the kitchen, while a bathroom with a bathtub is located behind the kitchen. This area also has a second door that leads to the outside, which opens onto a porch. The bedrooms are located on the right-hand side and have large closets.