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7 well-arranged floor plans for tiny homes with eating bars in the kitchen

  • 6 min read

You don’t have necessarily to sacrifice everything if you live small. Everybody has a set of home features they are not willing to compromise on. If this is one of yours, the floor plans below will be helpful!
An eating bar can be a great way to save space if you live alone or with a partner. Many of the plans listed below include dining rooms. But you can always use that space for another purpose if an eating area provides enough space to enjoy your meals.
1. Country home with 1 bedroom starting at Floorplans.

This charming country home measures 829 square feet (77 sq meters). Floorplans The large front porch gives it a lot of curb appeal. The front door leads into the main living space, which is behind which is the kitchen and dining room. The dining room is hidden in a well-lit corner, with a French door that leads to the backyard. The bathroom and bedroom are located on the left-hand side.
2. Cozy Craftsman Houseplans.
This Craftsman is a beautiful home at 999 square feet (93 sq feet). HouseplansIt is quite spacious. A number of stairs lead up to the front porch. The front door opens directly into your home’s great space. On the right-hand side is a fireplace, while the door to the master suite can be found on the left. This area includes a large walk-in closet and a bathroom with a tub. The master bedroom is located behind the laundry room and the kitchen. A second bedroom with a bath is located directly to the right of this kitchen. The design is completed with a single garage at the rear.

3. Charming colonial home from Family Home Plans.
This is a charming design by Family Home Plans It measures 576 sq. ft. (54 sq. m) and has vaulted ceilings throughout the main living and bedroom areas. The front door leads to a small entryway. The bathroom is around the corner. To the right of the bathroom, double doors lead to the master bedroom. The home’s main living space is located at the rear. It features a fireplace and built-in plant shelves. There are also two skylights. You can access the backyard patio through the kitchen door.
4. Dramatic contemporary design by Floorplans.
This contemporary design measures in at 900 sq. feet (84 square metres). Floorplans It has great curb appeal. A small tiled foyer greets you as you enter the home. From here, both of the bedrooms can be accessed. The larger master bedroom is to the right and the smaller bedroom is to the left. Continue straight ahead to reach the open-concept main living area.

5. Cottage with sleeping loft Houseplans.
This adorable little cottage was built in Houseplans It measures 796 square feet (74 meters). The front door has a small mudroom and a closet to the left. A bathroom with a tub is located right behind the closet. On the right, a U-shaped kitchen is opposite. The home’s back has a large great room with vaulted ceilings and sliding glass doors that lead to a deck. A flight of stairs leads to the sleeping loft with vaulted ceilings that overlooks the great rooms below.
6. Vacation-style home with a window wall Floorplans
This design measures 864 square feet (80 sq meters) Floorplans The home boasts both a large front porch and a smaller one at the back. The great room serves as the center of the home. On the right side of it, the kitchen and dining area are located. The laundry/utility area is located behind the kitchen. The bathroom is located in the back left corner. The two bedrooms to the left are separated by a large closet. Large windows flood the first bedroom, great room, and dining room with natural light.

7. Tiny Tudor cottage Houseplans.
This cozy little cottage is from Houseplans It measures 775 square feet (72 sq meters) and looks like something from a fairytale. The front door leads to a small foyer. To the right is the main open-plan living space. The great room features a large fireplace and the kitchen is to the rear. Through the door to the right of the kitchen, you can access a large terrace with a gas barbecue. The foyer is accessed via a small hallway that leads to the two bedrooms on the left and the bathroom on the right.