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8 Unique Granny Pods That You Gotta Check Out !

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While small house living has definitely caught the attention of the younger crowd, there are also a lot of mature adults interested in small house living too. You may have heard of tiny houses referred to as granny pods before, which might not sound too appealing to younger people, but these tiny houses are just as great as a regular home, and the best part will be that you get to design it to suit your needs and style. When it comes to creating a small house design for you, the more you know what you want, the easier it will be to decide on a design. So you’ll have to think of how you need the space to function for you and how you would like it to look and feel inside the home. Most small house designs are pretty minimal by default because it’s easier to live in a small space when things are kept to a minimum. That’s why there are so many small house designs and models you can choose from in many different styles. Just as there are great home designs for regular homes out there, there are also some great small house designs, and there is something for everyone. You can either create a brand new custom small house design, or you can choose from many designs and models. There are many different ways you can customize a small house design to suit your needs or the needs of an elderly family member. If you’re designing a small house to build on your land to accommodate a family member, be sure to include your family member in the decision-making process of creating the design since the design will have to work for them.


Building a tiny house can work for anyone, which is what the Wasatch tiny house on wheels proves. This tiny home design was created for a family of four people, a husband, a wife and their two daughters. This is a great example of a larger tiny home design for anyone who wants to own a tiny house on wheels but doesn’t want to be too small. The Wasatch tiny home design consists of a 28-foot footprint using a 28-foot trailer. This tiny house build was $67,000 to build by professional builders and the results are awesome.

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When it comes to micro homes, this one is one of the largest sizes, with 29 and 30-foot options being the largest options. For a tiny house on wheels to be road approved, the tiny house must remain within a certain set of guidelines and measurements. The micro homes can only be 30 feet long, 8 feet wide and 13 inches tall to be able to be driven legally on the road. These measurements also ensure that the tiny house can fit under bridges and signs as you are driving it down the road. These measurements are the measurements from the United States and Canada. This is always good information to know when you are building a tiny house.

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The Wasatch tiny home has two loft areas, one that has stair access and the other which has ladder access. There is also a small bedroom with built-in bunk beds for the two girls to sleep comfortably. The bathroom of this tiny house has a full-sized bathtub which will be essential for a family with young kids. There is a composting toilet which helps to save on water costs and a lovely bay window that they can set plants into once they are moved in so it can be like a little terrarium feature in their bathroom.

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