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A Completely Unique And Handmade Log Cottage For Nature Lovers

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This log cabin can sleep up to 8 people and has 3 bedrooms, 6 beds, 1.5 baths, and can be viewed from Nadgora, Opstina Zabljak or Montenegro. The cabin is comfortable and has a lot to offer. It features a dining table and cozy seating, as well as a beautiful location with stunning views and nature. Nadgora, a quiet resort, is located in the National Park Durmitor. It is only 3.5 miles from Zabljak. You can ride to Curevac from your cabin vacation spot. In a matter of minutes, you’ll find yourself in untouched nature with log cottages and hosts who make organic food. Guided tours are available in the summer, including trekking, mushroom picking, rafting and canyoning, as well as horseback riding and horseback riding. The winter months offer a variety of tours, including cross-country skiing, snow trekking, and skiing.

Zabljak in Opstina Zabljak, a town in Montenegro, is about 50 miles north from Podgorica. It is the country’s capital. There are several Unesco world Heritage sites near by. Durmitor National Park, located 6 miles to the west, is Montenegro’s closest heritage site. You might visit the following locations during your vacation: Pluzine and Pljevlja; Cajnice; and Niksic.

Log home ownership offers many benefits over conventional home construction. Log cabin owners who have been around for a long time say that timber and log homes are better than the brick and stick homes of their neighbors. The building materials are what provide the most benefits. These are just a few of the benefits you should consider.

Long-Lasting. Log homes have survived the worst of weather, such as Rita and Katrina in 2005. There are many stories. The solid log walls of the home withstand winds and toppled trees. They also prevented damage from occurring in many situations.

Trees are renewable resources. Trees are renewable resources. Log homes are made from solid logs so that carbon in the logs is removed from the environment for the duration of the log house’s life. Some log home builders also harvest dead timber from trees that have been damaged by insects or purchase logs from sustainable forests. Some log home builders also build log homes in accordance with green building standards.

Super energy efficient A log home can be super-energy-efficient if it is properly sealed (between the foundation, the first course of logs and between the log-to log connections and where the roof system meets with the log wall).

Wood has warmth. Logs are warm due to their thermal mass. This is a natural property that logs have that keeps homes comfortable in all seasons. Log homes are known to be warmer in winter than in summer. This allows log walls to store and radiate energy back into their homes.




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