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A Cozy Park Model Home With A Great Front And Back Porch

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This park model home is full of beautiful details. The open kitchen, living room, and dining area are all great features. There is also a one-bedroom and one-bathroom. The model has a covered porch in front and a covered patio back. These are great spots for entertaining guests or simply enjoying the fresh air. Upstairs has a loft that guests can use to sleep. It’s a great place to store their belongings or create or work from home. The home feels spacious thanks to the high ceilings in this quality park model.

These prefab park models are made with high quality wood and will last for many years. Wood is becoming more popular as a home building material. Wood is a renewable resource which is not only durable but also healthier to live in. Building green with natural materials is a smart decision for social, economic, and environmental reasons. Wood is a great choice for creating structures that are durable, energy efficient, beautiful, and ecologically sound.

Park models can be very cost-effective and beneficial for many reasons. Park models can also be transported and placed in any location that allows for a mobile home or RV. Once the park model log houses have been set up, they can be connected to the utilities required to operate light fixtures or appliances. People love to use park models for their log houses, whether they are used as a vacation home, a retirement home, or as a cottage. They aren’t often eligible for permanent residences so it’s a good idea to check the local rules and regulations about park models being full time homes.

To be considered a recreational vehicle, park models in the United States must not exceed 400 square feet. Park model homes in Canada must be less than 540 square feet to qualify as recreational vehicles. The cabins larger than that would be considered manufactured homes and would need to comply with different regulations and pay different taxes. Many park models come with slide out bays. These can collapse into the unit when it is in use, then expand when it is parked to increase the living area. This allows for extra space inside the home and makes it easier when it comes time to move it.

This is only one of the Athens Park Homes cabins available for sale. Prefab park homes are built for comfort and durability in a style that is compatible with their natural surroundings. These prefab park models homes can be used as hunting cabins, rental units or bunkhouses, employee housing and seasonal living, and administrative offices. Athens Park Homes has many log home packages available in a variety styles, sizes, and designs to meet everyone’s tastes and needs.

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