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A Green Tiny House Design With A Bit More Space

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A tiny home design is a great option for those who feel that a tiny house on wheels is too small. The home building industry is coming up with innovative ideas for small houses because of the increased interest in smaller dwellings. Smaller homes that are also equipped with smart technology to make life easier and more efficient seem to be in high demand. Green Builder Media and Shelter Dynamics collaborated to create the Flex House. This modular home design concept allows you to build homes that are “just right size” in order to meet the growing demand. These homes were designed to be sustainable, eco-friendly, and small with minimal compromises in style and space. Sara Gutterman, CEO, says that people shouldn’t have to give up everything and to only use what is necessary. The Flex House designs measure 760 square feet. They feature a stylish, modern design with clean lines and a curving roof. These homes are unique and unlike any other prefabricated homes on the market. They offer something different and more modern than the standard house designs. Each home can be customized to meet the individual needs of each customer.

The small homes are also filled with high-tech items that make it feel like you’re living in the future. The floor plan is only 760 sq. feet. However, the designers made good use of the space and managed to fit quite a bit in it. The master bedroom is separated from the second room, which can be used as an office or bedroom. You can also set up TVs and sofas in a few of the living areas. A full-sized kitchen is available with full-sized appliances. One of the living areas can be converted into a booth-style eating area. For everyone’s convenience, the bathroom is located in central part of the house. There is also a space for a washer and dryer that can be stacked for in-home laundry. Prefab houses will include all-natural flooring and some finishes. Amazon assistant is included, which allows for dimmable smart LED lighting, smart plugs, and smart window shades. You can also get smart locks and a doorbell. A low-flow plumbing system is available to conserve water. There is also a greywater system with smart irrigation that allows water to be used for watering grass and plants as well as flushing the toilet.

An electric powering station is also available to charge electric cars. Every home comes with a high efficiency, low NOx gas tankless water heater as well as the washer and dryer laundry machines. They also include a Jinko Solar system that can generate its own power to be off-grid. These homes start at $150,000, which is quite affordable considering the current housing market. These homes can be delivered in 12 weeks and are ready to live in for many years. It would be great to live in a home such as this where you don’t have to worry about anything, including your impact on the environment.

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