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A Homey Traditional Norfolk Cottage With A Modern Passivehouse Design

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This cottage in England follows the tradition of Norfolk’s coastal cottages. It is a modern interpretation of an old English cottage. This charming cottage was designed by Mole Architects. It’s easy for them to win awards for their work. They have a unique style with many personalities. It’s amazing that they are passionate about sustainability. This is why they built this cottage following Passivhouse design standards. Although the design is simple, it speaks volumes and lends itself well to the natural landscapes around the cabin. This cottage’s unique design makes it feel like guests are in the city, but also in the country. You can’t go wrong with some of the best views along the coast, making this a winning cottage design.

The luxurious beach house is located right behind Waxham Beach, England’s sand dunes. It is situated on more than an acre of private land, so guests can unplug and relax. The exterior looks the same as the other cottages in this area, but it has an updated appearance. The large windows create a sense of modern style and continuity with the outside. The patio doors have a small deck and steps that lead down to the grass. This is to encourage guests to connect with the outdoors by walking or sitting on the grass.

The cottage is large and bright due to the vaulted ceilings. The walls are covered in a washed plywood covering with some colour banding. They’ve used oak flooring, and added modern furniture and bright accents to stimulate the senses. The main living space includes the living, dining and kitchen areas with stunning views of the land. It’s a beautiful kitchen with white subway tile and light-coloured cabinets made of wood. The kitchen also features a series unique hanging pendant lights that add light, colour, and visual interest. One of the counters has an induction cooktop that can be used for cooking. It faces outward so guests can connect to the living space while they are cooking.

The owners will often leave a complimentary basket with local gourmet foods and produce. Wifi, Smart cable TV, SONOS, and games are all available. There are 2 luxurious bathrooms in the home, one with a tub and one with a shower. The home also offers laundry facilities. The cottage can sleep up to six people in three bedrooms. Families and pets are welcome. The fees start at around £176 per night, and the minimum stay is 3 Nights. You could rent a whole cottage for the same price as a hotel room in the city.

There are several restaurants and pubs in the area if guests don’t feel like cooking. The Nelson Head pub in Horsey is a true Norfolk pub. The Ingham Swan, a 15th-century pub, has a classic pub atmosphere and some of the best food around. There is plenty of history nearby and many areas where you can enjoy the outdoors. This design shows how you can create a sustainable, efficient design while still being stylish. It would make a great, comfortable place to stay if ever you are in the area.

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