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A Small Wilderness Cabin on Peaceful Spot

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It doesn’t get much better than Kokkolampi, a small wilderness cabin on a peaceful spot, on the shore of Kokkolampi pond. The beach is in good condition, with a rowing boat available. The small cabin building has a small room with two convertible sofa beds and a kitchen corner. The cabin has a fireplace, kitchen sink (no running water), solar panel lighting, and a small fridge (which also works with solar electricity). Drinking water has to be fetched from the spring just a short walk away, or guests bring it with them. The cabin has a lakeside sauna in a separate building, there is also a room with 2 beds and a dressing room. There is a wood-heated sauna stove, with water that has to be fetched from the pond.

Features of the Kokkolampi cabin include electric lighting with solar panel, heating with a wood-heated stove, no fireplace, no waterpipe (water must be carried from the lake or well), drinking water from a water spring, no shower, wood-heated sauna, outhouse, liquid gas hob (no oven), campfire, not electrified cottage, single cottage, rowboat, wilderness cottage, with the beach.

The cabin located in Finland is just 17 km away from Suomu, Kemijarvi 57 km, Posio 60 km, Ruka 70 km, and Kuusamo 95 km. In the surrounding areas, there are vast hunting areas and good berry picking grounds. Berries can be picked even from the wood cabin yard. Fishing in the pond is possible with line and hook. State-owned hunting grounds include the Salla Collective Forest (Sallan Yhteismetsa) hunting grounds 10 km, Vilma-Savina 12 km, Posio 12 km, Kemijarvi 25 km. The client brings their bed linen and towels and cleans the cabin by himself (which can not be bought as an additional service). The cabin can be reached by car during the summer.

The cabin is located in a beautiful part of Finland, situated above the Arctic Circle. The area has 396 lakes and ponds and is close to well-known fells Pyhatunturi to the north and Suomutunturi in the south. The region was first settled around 1580 by Paavali Ollinpoika Halonen who arrived there from Niskakyla. This part of Eastern Lapland is famous for its many skiing resorts, such as Suomu, Luosto, and Pyha. Lake Kemijarvi is an area of outstanding beauty thanks to surrounding forest-filled hills, teems with trout, pike, and perch, and is the northernmost lake in Finland with an indigenous population of zander, which the Finns call pikeperch, and Americans call walleye.

The region has become quite famous for its wood sculptures, and there is a wonderful collection that can be seen in the Puustelli Art Centre, and more can be seen in the town center of Kemijarvi. Other notable places to visit in Kemijarvi are the Church, the old clock tower which dates from 1774, and the Ethnographic Museum. In the inner courtyard of Virastotalo, you’ll find Piiskapetaja, possibly the last remaining flogging pine spot in Northern Finland, a method of civic punishment used in the 17th and 18th centuries.

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