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Adorable Abode model “Hansel’ two storey 480 sqft $ 60,000

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We are building beautiful small houses that close the gap between tiny homes of 8 ft width and regular houses. These homes are similar to oversized tiny houses, but they are 10 ft wide, and two storeys tall, which doubles their living space. The abodes will be built in modular units, which can be moved, if desired. They are not on permanent foundations and they are also not on trailers. All units will be located on 50 acres of unspoiled nature, a few minutes from Brighton, Ontario. It is for people who are like-minded and want to live on less. Outstanding energy efficiency. Well insulated. Off grid and totally self-sufficient. The buyer can choose from a variety of designs. They are built for those who have the vision to see the future and act accordingly. By going smaller, you can improve your life style. Get rid of monster houses with their associated costs, ongoing expenses and waste in energy and resources. A homestead and vegetable garden could be another option. Currently, we are looking to expand our team on all levels.

The unit has two full stories, 10’x24′ and will be constructed on your own “parking lot” within the community. As quoted individually, the price of this model or similar is approx. $ 60,000. Pictures shown are of a house under construction.

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