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Alpine Pods Creates Beautiful Log Cabins And Really Cool Backyard Pods

  • 5 min read

Scandinavian log homes and cabins have been constructed for centuries. Many of the log cabins that were built hundreds of centuries ago are still standing today. Scandinavians believe that wood is a sustainable and natural material to build homes.

Scandinavia and eastern Europe have some of the best forest land in the world. These dense forests are ideal for building homes. It makes sense to make use of what is available. For the environment, Alpine Pods log builders only use materials from sustainable forests that have been certified.

They also ensure that log homes can be purchased at an affordable price so that beautiful cabins and homes are accessible to all. They use only the finest woods to make high-quality products and pay attention to every detail. Their log cabins are triple-glazed and have the highest insulation. The Scandinavian Full Scribe method is used to build log cabins. This involves creating a crescent shape in each log’s base to make it fit perfectly on top of its counterpart. This method ensures log cabins are well sealed, which allows for pleasant temperatures no matter what season.

The logs in the cabin are able to absorb heat throughout the day, and then store it to let it out gradually as necessary. You’ll feel the warmth stored in the logs when you touch them. Log cabins are more efficient than stick-framed homes in heating up and then retaining heat better.

Log cabins are made to last so they can last for many years. They have one or two floors with a porch at the front and double doors with windows. To make their log cabins more efficient and environmentally friendly, they will also add solar panels. Log cabins promote good health and well-being, as wood has a positive impact on our well-being. Wood is known to be soothing for the nervous system. It is similar to relaxing in a forest. The logs can filter out certain toxins, so the cabin’s air is clean and allergen-free. Log cabins regulate humidity by absorbing excess humidity and then releasing it into the atmosphere when it becomes too dry.

Alpine Pods also makes smaller log cabins and sheds for camping, fishing, hunting, and other purposes. These adorable cabins can be placed in any area. They have a unique design that resembles a cute hobbit home with arched doors and roof lines. These log cabins are great for backyard guesthouses and offices. The medium-sized cabin is priced at 10,750 Euros and includes 2 Tilt & Turn double glazed windows, 1 residential double glazed double doors, and it’s fully insulated. Pod 1 costs 8.250 euros and is the smallest. Pod 3 costs 16,550 euros and is the largest. These spheres are also available for use as backyard buildings, or for just hanging out. The spheres are also made of a wood frame with steel, glass and steel to create the perfect pod.