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Beaufort Log Home Plan By Southland Log Homes

  • 3 min read

There are many ways to build a log house. You can either choose a pre-built log home kit or a custom-built log house, such as this one by Southland Log Homes. The company has multiple locations across the Eastern United States, making log home building easy for anyone in the East. This is a custom log home made out of manufactured logs. This log home is a classic style that can be adapted to any property. The porch is a nice feature on this particular model. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery from your property from your porch.

The large kitchen opens onto the living room and connects the kitchen to the living space. This design allows for great sightlines and connection to others. The living room and dining area have 180-degree views from the large windows that connect the outside and inside worlds. The master bedroom also has a large master ensuite. This allows easy access to the main areas. The second floor has two layout options that allow for two or three bedrooms. You can also see the main floor from the balcony, which has a full-size bathtub.

The covered outdoor porch area extends across three sides of your home and provides a lot more outdoor living space. This allows for plenty of outdoor space, so you can enjoy your meals outdoors or even a barbecue on the patio. Southland Log Homes offers a variety of log house designs to fit a variety of needs. Visit their website to see all the floor plans and designs, and choose the one that you like best. Southland Log Homes is the largest model log home network in America. They have been in business since 1978. They have been building log house since 1978 so they are very skilled in this area. Your log home building project will be more successful if you choose a design that you love and your family is happy with. Southland makes this easy with their online log house design tool. The software allows you to modify some of their most popular log house designs and plans to your liking. You can also start at the beginning and create your own log home designs to use in your build. Once you are satisfied with your plan, submit it to the company for them to begin work on your home design.

This virtual tour shows you the finished log house with a V groove design. The walls are designed to be flat and not rounded like traditional log house walls. You can also see close-ups of the corners and how each log interlocks together to create a beautiful design.

More information can be found here: Southland Log Homes