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Beautiful One-Bedroom Cottage In Virginia

  • 3 min read

This adorable one-bedroom small cottage plan in Marshall, Virginia, United States is one you’ll want to take a closer look at. With one bedroom and one bathroom, the farm stay vacation home can accommodate up to two guests. You’ll have the whole house to yourself during your holiday stay. This tiny house is a fully restored chicken coop that is both tasteful and whimsical. This is the ideal location to reset your clock and get some fresh air in a beautiful environment.

You’ll have access to 130 acres of fields, woodland, and a good-sized pond for fishing, as well as trails to the Rappahanock River that have been trodden by several two and four-legged visitors before you. On a land easement estate, there are 130 acres of fields and woodland, as well as paths to the river and a wide pond for fishing. There are chickens (and yes, fresh eggs are available), donkeys, and dogs, with Davis serving as the self-appointed Ambassador.

You’ll find plenty of ideas for your own tiny house inside this cozy farm stay holiday home. The cozy tiny house has a large covered porch where you can relax and enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea, as well as look out and admire the beautiful scenery during the day. The tiny house is tastefully furnished on the inside, with dark grey walls, light grey floors, and white trim. The patchwork curtains, quilt, and rugs add a splash of color, creating a welcoming atmosphere that’s ideal for a farm stay. If you need to get some work done, there is a small desk with a lamp available. Farmhouse features can be found in the cozy farm stay tiny house, including a wooden desk, chicken wire ceiling lights, rooster pitcher, and a barn door to the bathroom, to name a few.