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Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town To Grow Old Together

  • 2 min read

Young people spend a lot time with their friends, especially when they’re young. As they age, they become more responsible and their time with friends is less. This is not the case for the people in this story. They built their tiny houses right next to each other. They want to live close to their friends and have fun. They actually choose their neighbors from scratch. They created a 1,500 square-foot community building. Modern design is used to create houses that meet the needs and wants of the owners. Each house is less than $40.000. The materials used are both sustainable and eco-friendly. They bought a piece on the Llano River, Texas, near Austin. Although the initial idea was to build a large house, this turned out to be a great way to go.

Friends visit the property and spend as much time as possible. They all plan on retiring on the property.

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