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Build a Shipping Container Cabin Like This One

  • 3 min read

This house style is popular because it is quirky and fun, but what if you still want the coziness of an old cabin or the warmth of richer colours? Hunter Leggitt Studio designed this simple, modern home that feels like a cozy cabin.

This Los Angeles-based company traveled north to complete this build for their clients. The clients wanted a weekend getaway that could accommodate their guests and would be able to accommodate their family.  The company used recycled materials to save money and enlisted the help from eager architects students to save even more money.

The exterior of the building is not designed to imitate the original structure. It has a rectangular shape and is only slightly longer than the original. The first level, posts supporting the roof, and the roof  itself are all covered in wooden boards. While the majority of these boards were stained in a rich dark color, the roof and sides were left untreated. This creates a striking contrast in color. The wooden walls are better defined by the vertical columns that run from top to bottom. The roof has exposed beams. These elements also add texture which is essential for rustic style. This cabin has a lot of industrial elements that add a fun twist. The top floor exterior appears as if it is made from concrete. It has a smooth texture in a light grey color. This material is used for the construction of a porch.

The interior of the house is a perfect example for combining styles. The home’s interior is a mix of industrial, rustic, and vintage elements. The ceiling and wooden walls perfectly reflect the rustic elements. The boards are left as is and accented with a dark stain, white wash, or light stain to give it a worn look. You can see vintage elements in the living area with the wing back chair and the old guitar. The space is filled with industrial elements, such as the iron railings used for the staircase or balcony and the kitchen appliances. The design is rustic and warm with very little extravagance.

By Alison LaPaglia

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