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DIY Arched Cabin Kits Start at Just $1320

Arched Cabins is making waves in affordable housing with their stylish yet cost-efficient tiny homes in Texas. Offering customizable cabins that suit any lifestyle and proving efficient living are hallmarks of success for this Texas company.

Tiny Home

Arched Cabins Provide Attractive Home Upgrade Options

Arched Cabins stand out as unique small homes. At prices as low as $4,000, these elegant cabins provide stunning interior designs to maximize space and functionality – featuring features like staircases leading to higher floors!

Affordable pricing doesn’t compromise style or quality with these cabins; available in an assortment of neutral tones to vibrant reds and greens, they blend beautifully into any environment. Furthermore, Hawaii Blue is used on their exterior panels as continuous roof cladding for maximum peace of mind for homeowners. A 40 year warranty gives customers assurance on this feature too!

Sizes and Customizability

This company offers various sizes to meet individual customer requirements, from an 8-foot cabin up to the luxurious 24-foot arched model with interior photos depicting luxurious finishes.

However, it should be remembered that quoted prices cover only the shell of a cabin; additional expenses could arise such as foundation costs or shipping and installation services.

Arched Cabins provides turnkey solutions for those preferring an instant liveable space; otherwise DIY enthusiasts can save money and add personalization by building it themselves and customizing their new home with personal touches of their own design.

Arched Cabins is an extremely successful business operating out of two distinct locations – their manufacturing facilities can be found in Houston’s Cypress district while their construction crew resides in Timberon, New Mexico.

David Cruey was behind Arched Cabins’ inception – with over four decades of experience working on small house projects under his belt, his goal for Arched Cabins being creating durable yet cost-effective structures designed to suit multiple purposes and preferences.

Arched Cabins Are Versatile Solutions

Arched cabins serve many different functions ranging from holiday homes and retirement retreats, animal shelters and hunting lodges as well as RV shelters or garages.

Fully-insulated cabins can be transformed into cozy little homes by finishing them on the inside to meet one’s individual tastes and needs. Their design resembles that of an unfinished painting: structures are provided, while owners customize according to personal taste and requirement.

Foundation options vary significantly for owners when it comes to foundations; from concrete pours, steel pier-and-beam or wooden frame foundations and even building above an underground cellar, all are viable choices for building.

Building an Arched Tiny Home

Arched Cabins has a team of expert professionals available to assemble an Arched Cabin Kit within three days or you could DIY with friends over the course of one weekend, whether on existing foundation or newly laid foundation.

Arched Cabins provide an attractive solution for affordable housing. Their stylish designs, customizable interiors and efficient use of space embody the spirit of small living in style.

These cabins are designed and constructed by Arched Cabins.