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Cascade Handcrafted Log Cabins On A Peaceful Property

  • 4 min read

Imagine yourself in a cozy log house on a piece of land far from the hustle & bustle of the city. Cascade Handcrafted Log Cabins provides a variety floor plans for cabin building, or you can create your own plan to fit your lifestyle and needs. Log cabins can be used as a full-time residence, a vacation home, or a coffee shop. Whatever your needs, there are log cabins to fit your budget.

Cascade log cabins are handcrafted using the finest Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir. Cascade logs are handcrafted, which is what distinguishes them from machined logs. Handcrafted logs allow for the preservation of the natural contours and character of the logs that make each log cabin unique. Handcrafted logs are more appealing than machine-milled logs. Handcrafted log cabin buildings are the only true log building. The reason is that a handcrafted log cabin building is the only true log cabin building. Every handcrafted log still retains the unique character and unique qualities of nature. Machine-cut logs are profiled mechanically to be identical to all other pieces in the building, which is a contrast to hand-crafted logs. It is no longer a log but a piece of lumber from a factory. The handcrafted log cabin building offers an aesthetic advantage. Each log is unique and distinct from the others, making it a unique log cabin construction.

While automated log milling costs less than handcrafting natural logs by comparison, the cost of a finished log product manufactured by an automated mill is still very comparable to handcrafted log products. This is because handcrafted log houses are easier to assemble and save crane time and crew time at your site. When you look at log house performance over time, and consider the thermal mass lost in the creation of machined milled logs as well as the character of the log homes, you will see that handcrafted log houses offer greater value and higher resale. Many log house contractors believe that handcrafted log houses are less expensive than the total project cost.

Log houses might be considered environmentally friendly. Log cabins that are well-designed and maintained will last many generations. Many log homes can still be used 60 years or more after construction. This time period allows the forest more time to regenerate the building materials used to build the original. Log houses are also less dependent on synthetic building materials than conventional home construction. This reduces the industrial footprint of waste, pollution, and energy consumption.



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