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Cascade Handcrafted Log Cabins On A Peaceful Property

  • 4 min read

Imagine yourself in a cozy log cabin nestled on a lovely piece of property away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is a dream that many people share, and a log cabin building is a place to start. Cascade Handcrafted Log Cabins offers several cabin building floor plans to choose from, or you have the option of designing your own to suit your lifestyle and needs. Log cabin designs can be used for full-time living, as a guest house, vacation getaway, or as a coffee shop whatever it is you are looking for, there is a log cabin to suit your budget and needs.

Cascade log cabin buildings are handcrafted from some of the best Western Red Cedar and Douglas fir that is available. What separates the logs used at Cascade from machined logs is in the handcrafted technique. Handcrafted logs helpt to preserve the natural character and contour of the logs which make your log cabin unique. There are advantages to using handcrafted logs over machine milled logs. A handcrafted log cabin building is the only true log cabin building. This is because, in a handcrafted cabin building, the log is still a natural log, with the only alteration being that the log has undergone removal of the outer bark and part or all of the inner bark layer. So each handcrafted log still possesses all of the character and unique qualities that nature intended it to have. In contrast to handcrafted logs, machine-cut logs mechanically profiled to be identical to every other piece in the building. It is no longer a log, but a factory run piece of lumber that used to be a log. Because of this, the handcrafted log cabin building has an aesthetic advantage with each log of every cabin building being unique and distinctly different from every other log for a unique log cabin building.

The automated log milling process is less expensive than handcrafting natural logs, however, the cost of a finished milled log product is very close to that of a handcrafted log product. This is because handcrafted log homes are easier to assemble, which saves considerable crane and crew time at your building site. If you compare log house performance over time and look at the character and the thermal mass that is lost in creating machined milled logs, you can see that handcrafted log homes offer better value and a higher resale. Many log house contractors say that handcrafted log houses are often less expensive on the total project cost.

You might wonder if log houses are environmentally friendly, and it seems that now, more than ever, a log house is a responsible option when you are considering environmental sustainability. This is because a log cabin building that incorporates good log house design and log house maintenance will easily last for several generations, with many log homes still in service 60 and more years after their construction. This period more than allows the forest to regenerate the building materials that were harvested to create the original. Also, log houses naturally don’t require as much synthetic building materials as conventional home construction, which reduces the industrial footprint of pollution, waste, and energy consumption.



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