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Check out a beautifully designed cabin which allies rustic charm and pure simplicity

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Although log homes and cabins may claim to be rustic in style, many lack the fine details that make a wooden structure a rustic home. Although rustic features like rough floors, walls, and ceilings create a rustic vibe, it’s often the small details that elevate a cabin to offer a true rustic experience.

Little Bear Cabin has attractive chunky wooden accents. However, it is the rustic decor and furnishings that make it stand out. This listing is for vacation rental purposes only. Unique Home StaysThe cabin has a simple floor plan that balances modern functionality with rugged features. Let’s continue our exploration.
Little Bear is surrounded with meadows, woodlands, and mature trees. The large deck captures all the sounds and sights of the surrounding woodland, creating a tranquil and relaxing environment.
The cabin has an open floor plan with beams and posts made of well-aged reclaimed wooden.

The wall of windows brings natural light into the cabin by allowing for a welcome boost of natural light. This contrasts with the untreated beams and whitewashed walls.
You will find plenty of seating options with comfortable chairs and sofas. The loft is accessible via a ladder that leads to the main living space below.

The country-style kitchen features the same theme as the cabin: rough beams with white walls.

Bright white cabinets add to this look, while high-quality appliances make cooking a pleasure.
Little Bear’s details are a great example of rustic design. The antique foot-pedal sewing machines were used to make the dining table. Nice touch!
The historic potbelly stove heats the cabin.

This wood-burner, while it is one of the most charming details in the cabin is also very functional at heating this large-sized floor plan.
The studio floor plan has a large sleeping area. It is large enough to accommodate a king-sized bed.
The bedroom’s rustic wooden finish is striking. The faux fur bed throws give you the feeling of being in the wild.

The cabin’s bathroom features attractive modern tiles, creating a contemporary space.

Although the large, walk-in towel heater and large walk-in bathroom are not modern additions, they look great in this cabin.
The sink is a simple, but elegant basin. It is a beautiful addition that perfectly captures rustic living.
The loft area is home to a cozy snug that benefits from the light coming in through a high window and the airflow of panels which open below.

Little Bear cabin does not have WiFi or TVs. It is a place to reflect, unplug from the world and return to a simpler way to live.
We step outside to look at the deck, and we are pleasantly surprised to see plenty of comfortable furniture that is in keeping the rustic theme of our house. There are no plastic garden chairs!
On the one side of the cabin is a second entrance. This is the perfect place to get your boots clean before entering the home.
On the opposite side of the cabin is a quiet area with a spa.
The hot tub heats up using an eco-friendly wood-fired stove. Imagine sitting here and enjoying the warm water beneath a blanket of stars. Impressive!

We end our tour by walking to the bottom of the garden, where we will find a firepit surrounded with log stools and wooden benches.

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