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Check Out This 200 Sqft Tiny House That Sleeps 5!

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This tiny vacation home is located in Ferris Texas, United States. This tiny house sleeps up to five people and offers 2 bedrooms, 3 bed, and 1 bathroom. This tiny cottage is located just 25 minutes from Downtown Dallas behind an old farmhouse. The 200-square foot space includes a shared/detached bathroom, which is connected by a front porch that has a stock tank soaker tub. There is a bunk and twin-size bedroom, a cozy loft with queen-sized mattress, and a small living area with a futon and electric kettle. This is the place to go if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Mars Hill Farm is an active farm. You will see people baling hay and planting the animals. You are welcome to meet the animals, including the chickens and the dog that lives with the owner. The cottage is located at the property’s front, next to another house where the farm caretaker lives. A pavilion has a firepit and chairs outside the cottage. You can use it to make a fire and feel at home. The farm occasionally uses the bathroom during the day. It is separate from house, and doors are connected via a porch.

Two houses on the vacation property are home to full-time farm workers. You’ll need to be aware that these people are not allowed. Unless you are accompanied by a farm employee, please stay out of barns. If you are not with a farm employee, please make yourself at home at picnic tables, fire pits, orchards, as well as everywhere else. If you’re planning a stay, remember that October is harvest time at the Hill Sunflower Festival. Book in October to get a chance to wake up amongst the sunflowers. Stays in October include free admission for Harvest at the Hill. The farm will be open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays between 8:30 and 2 and by appointment on weekdays. Please note that there will be other people on the farm during these hours. Enjoy the fall season by trimming your sunflowers.

Ferris may not be as famous as other cities in the United States but don’t let this fool you. Ferris is an upcoming tourist destination that is smaller but just as beautiful. It is well worth the visit. This hidden gem offers many unique activities and places to explore. Mars Hill farmers are constantly trying new varieties of produce in order to find out what grows best in the Ferris Texas microclimate. Tomatoes, peppers and corn are the stars of this show, as well as squash, okra, squash and even a pumpkin patch. The farm property is peaceful. As the farm begins to stir, you can see the sunrise from your front porch. This is a great place to host a vacation retreat for 5 people. This tiny house vacation retreat lets you experience farm life.

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