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Check Out This Amazing Guest House: 600 Square Feet Of Luxury

  • 4 min read

You will want to take a closer look this guesthouse. It is smaller than the typical dwelling, but it is more luxurious than the ordinary. It measures only 600 square feet. Eric Shepherd Architects designed this little house plan to serve as a guesthouse in a California family’s backyard. To ensure consistency, the guesthouse cottage has been decorated to match the main home. Inside you will find a full kitchen and living room as well as a bedroom, bathroom, and bathroom with high ceilings. The modest house is surrounded by lush foliage, and features a front porch.

The California home was built for comfort and convenience of visiting family members and friends. It is located just a few minutes from the main house and surrounded with tall trees and lush greenery. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing. The tiny house is spacious enough for two people, and makes efficient use of space. It’s the perfect inspiration for downsizing. From the main residence’s covered porch, you can see the guest house clearly. Eric Shephard, architect, describes the main residence as a traditional farmhouse with Tudor roots. He had the guest house built in the same style.

A pergola frames the front porch, creating a shaded area for sitting. Another view of the guest house, this time from another angle. This time with a privacy fence. Through French doors, you can access a tiny but beautiful living space. This tiny house has high ceilings and lots windows that give it a feeling opulence. The kitchen is spacious and features tall cabinets and standard-sized equipment, which is rare in small homes. A table for two is available with a view to the main house and grounds. The tiny home has built-in bookcases, cabinets, and other storage options. The kitchen island is a freestanding piece of furniture. The pastel flooring in the home extends into the living room and into the bedroom. This works well in a small area. The bedroom is decorated with soothing blue and tan colors. It feels like a peaceful haven. The chandelier is a work-of-art. The vanity and mirrors in this little house are made out of natural wood which matches the flooring.

Farmhouse style interior design emphasizes simplicity, functionality, rustic appeal, and simplicity. Although the farmhouse style is influenced by rural architecture, it incorporates modern conveniences. This creates a warm and stylish appearance. Reclaimed wood is a popular feature in modern farmhouse design.

This home features architectural salvage, pine furniture and wrought iron accents. It also has broad plank flooring and vintage decorations. The farmhouse style is very popular as it is warm and welcoming. It can be combined with many styles, including industrial or classic. Use neutral colors for your walls, mix old and contemporary pieces, avoid bright colors, use wire baskets and incorporate wood. For a farmhouse-like appearance, you can also use farmhouse light fixtures and paint antique furniture.

Conceived and built by Eric Shepard Architects Inc.