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Cheeky Monkey Strawberry – A Yummy Tiny Home For Sale $ 54,900

  • 2 min read

You may believe that there are only so many layout options for tiny homes. The Strawberry, a cheery Cheeky Monkey house, shows us another innovative tiny house design. What is it that makes this tiny house so special? This tiny house on wheels has a bathroom in the middle of the floor plan, which is not common for tiny houses. Unlike most tiny house bathrooms, which are usually located at the front or back of a home, this one is right in the middle with a loft space over it.

The loft is smaller and could be used as storage. The bedroom is located on main floor. As you can see, the bedroom occupies one side of the tiny house. The kitchen and living area occupy the opposite end. The bathroom separates them. The bathroom appears to have some storage space behind it, which could be ideal for hanging clothes or storing outdoor gear.

The L-shaped layout of the kitchen allows for enough space to place a small sofa on one side and a dining table on the other. The home measures 28 feet long, which is why so much was packed into it. These renderings allow you to visualize the floor plan when it is complete, giving life to your initial ideas.

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