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Classic Log House Design With Upper And Lower Patio

  • 3 min read

This classic style log house design is simply amazing. Bernard Blockhaus created a custom log home with the log cabin details most people can only dream of. For a log cabin look, take a look at the custom stairs leading up to the outdoor deck. Logs are used on both the stairs as well as all the railings. The wood cabin front features a beautiful covered porch that leads to an upper covered patio. Inside you can see all the logs with lots of beams and posts. This cabin style uses larger logs to make it more attractive. For inspiration and ideas, take a look at this log cabin building.

It’s not hard to see why wood-built cabins have remained so popular over the years. They are durable, energy-efficient, and look great. You hear more about energy efficiency these days, and it will continue to be a trend into the future. This is good news as energy efficiency saves money and conserves precious natural resources. With the increasing concern about climate change and future energy, there will be more log house energy options for your wood cabin or home. You will need to research all options and options available to you to make your wood cabin more energy-efficient.

Your wood cabin’s water system has a significant impact on how much you pay for your energy bills. Hot water accounts approximately 13 percent for log home utility bills. Hot water is usually provided by an insulated tank that has a gas burner or electric heating element. If you choose to go the traditional route, make sure you get the best hot water units available. A solar hot water collector might be an option if you live in an area that receives at least some sunlight. This system circulates the water through a panel on a roof or in a yard and then heats it with the sun. The warm fluid is then transferred to an insulated storage tank, where it can be used in radiant flooring or heated for drinking water.

Another option is a tankless hot water system. This water system doesn’t store hot water but only provides hot water when it’s needed. Wall-mounted gas units are more expensive than water heaters but they save you the hassle of maintaining a hot water tank. If you’re considering a tankless system for hot water, make sure you consider the amount of hot you need. For example, a family of four could require hot water at once, which can overwhelm a single tankless system, leaving someone with a cold shower.


More information about this sTory can be found at Bernard Blockhaus