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Classic Romantik Log House From Original Blockhaus Features Tons Of Great Windows

  • 3 min read

Romantik log cabins have large windows that open from the floor to ceiling. They are a classic log home design. These log cabins can be made from Scandinavian Log House with either round (D-block), or edgy blocks logs. Living in a log home has many benefits. It is a great feeling to live in a wood house. Log houses are one of the most comfortable homes to live in. It gives its owners a sense satisfaction and contentment. While you can have any type of home, a log home is the most cozy. It is something special to have your family over for holidays and sit around the stone fireplace after a meal.

Wood creates an indoor environment that is unlike any other building material. Log houses are warmer in winter than they are in summer because of the thermal mass that wood provides. A log house’s warm wooden floors create a sense of security and comfort. Log houses can make you feel more comfortable and secure. This is something that isn’t easily quantifiable. Log houses and wood can also have a positive impact on the heartbeat, which is why log houses made of pine, fir, and spruce provide a better sleep environment. Log houses and wooden houses smell great from the moment you enter. You can’t say the same about any other type of building material.

Log houses are ecological. Living ecologically is about taking care of the environment and resources around you. It is the only building material that can grow back, in the case of log homes and wood. Wood can grow in natural forests and does not have long transport routes. This contributes to a healthy environment. Scandinavian log cabins are made with Austrian wood. You can reduce your ecological footprint by finding a quality log house builder near you.

Wooden and log building materials are both sustainable. Log house construction is sustainable. Solid wood log houses will be a delight for your grandchildren, as they are different from timber frame homes. A Scandinavian log cabin is made from glued and profiled logs. These massive logs are available in different thicknesses. They can be made rectangularly (D block) or with slight curvature outside the log house. The insulation can be applied on the inside or outside of the log house to improve its thermal properties. It can also compete with passive houses. The Scandinavian Log House is located within Austria.

More information can be found here: Original Blockhaus