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Climb aboard an idyllic, masterfully built tiny home with a fabulous kitchen

  • 2 min read

Abel Zimmerman Zyl, a French/Norwegian designer, is the one who made tiny homes on wheels a form of art. The company is known for creating quirky, creative caravans that look like they have just sailed through the pages of Grimm’s fairy tales. However, they had to squeeze through a hallway full of funhouse mirrors.
Yes, these Hobbit homes are strangely shaped. Some have cathedral ceilings, disorienting roof lines, and mosaic tiles that give the impression that the home has just survived a wild sea crossing. And they did so in grand style. Zyl sometimes seems to have no use for straight lines. But the end results are undeniably stunning. “My crew works magic!” Zyl boasts about his crew on his website. “May your daydreams come true.”

Zyl’s Dewdrop is a simple structure that shows the master builder’s capabilities.
Zyl explains that Vardos is the Romany name for caravan. The Dewdrop caravan is a classic: It’s small, compact and elegant and designed for the open road. It would look great parked at the local renaissance celebration.