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Compact Living: Royal Oak’s Shipping Container Masterpiece

Michigan is home to an innovative blend of sustainability and style, evidenced in Royal Oak where an outstanding residence stands as proof. Crafted entirely out of seven repurposed shipping containers, it exemplifies compact living’s sustainability as well as modern materials innovation.

Aaron Schnepp of this tranquil Michigan town had an ambitious dream: creating an eco-friendly yet attractive residence using shipping containers as building materials. Following through with this goal, seven robust steel boxes would soon transform his vision into reality; creating something which soon became the talk of town and beyond.

Harmonious Coexistence between Old and New

At first glance, this house may seem mysterious from a distance. With an exterior that blends wood, metal and stone artistically and rustic charm courtesy of extensive use of brickwork and wide floor-to-ceiling glass windows. This warm atmosphere invites one inside.

Shipping Container

Everything, from the wooden window frames spanning this spacious 2,350 sq ft home to every interior detail reveals meticulous planning and an eye for aesthetic beauty.

Elegance Meets Practicality in This Elegant yet Functional piece

As soon as you enter, the elegant yet functional interior greets you. Dark brown wooden flooring flows seamlessly throughout, leading visitors from the entrance all the way up to an inviting bar near the kitchen and dining area. Dark wood paneling near dining adds sophistication while serving as a unique partition separating it from other parts of living space.

Kitchen features are especially noteworthy here, boasting minimalist ceiling designs showcasing exposed plumbing – a nod to industrial origins of containers – while dark cabinets stand out against white granite countertops that showcase refined taste of homeowners.

What Sets This Home Apart This home’s authenticity sets it apart. In the living room wall displays Hong Kong Florence’s blue and yellow emblem – an homage to their containers’ origins that serves as an interesting conversation starter among guests!

Upstairs lies a sanctuary of luxury: The master bedroom. Boasting vibrant shades of dark gray and purple hues with luxurious chandelier serving as focal point, there is also an adjoining walk-in closet and two individual balconies that provide space to unwind outside.

An Oasis Amid Nature

This home’s exterior is just as delightful. Nestled amid tall pine trees and offering serenity to those passing by. Additionally, this two-car garage caters to modern requirements perfectly.

Sustainable Solutions for Tomorrow

Repurposing 18 million shipping containers into housing provides an environmentally-friendly, economical way to meet our housing needs. Building one can start for as little as $2,500 when purchased used.

Are You Wondering about the Value of This Property

Doing your own due diligence on such an exclusive piece can prove worthwhile investment; 2531 Rochester Rd in Buffalo was constructed in 2014, selling for $429,900 when last offered on the market; it now sits estimated to be valued at an impressive $553,800 due to growing interest and appreciation of container homes.

As it stands, this Royal Oak residence stands as more than just a house – it demonstrates the potential of sustainable design, the beauty of recycled materials and compact living!

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