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Country Barn Home Kit With An Open Porch

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This country barn style house is a dream come true for many people. There is something about a barn style house that people can’t resist, maybe it reminds them of a certain memory of childhood, or simply for the classic look. The dream of living in a barn style house in the country away from the busy city lifestyle is becoming more and more appealing to people, whether it be for a barn build full-time living or use as a secondary home. There are several benefits to living and staying in the country which is why so many people are drawn to this style of home design and lifestyle. This beautiful barn kit comes from the Sand Creek Post and Beam a company that has plenty of barn style houses and barn kit options to choose.

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The exterior of this barn style house is mostly red in color, except for its roofs and windows. The large white-framed windows on this barn style house are placed on areas where natural sunlight is much needed. The roof of this barn style house is also white in color with a unique shape. The porch on this beautiful barn is the perfect spot to spend lots of time outdoors, especially with wooden furniture. It’s easy to imagine drinking a glass of lemonade while reading the paper on an outdoor chair. Four y-shaped timber columns help to support the roof covering the porch.

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When you step inside of this barn style house, you’ll see the use of wood used throughout the interior of the modern barn. You can also request to have metal cover the exterior of this barn style house. Almost everything in this modern barn is wood which lends to the traditional country style. The wood that is used inside the barn style house fits in perfectly with the overall architectural design of this lovely barn home design. Each of the bedrooms is a bit different, and they all look very inviting. This barn style house features 2,376 square feet of total living space with three bedrooms, two and a half baths, a living room, a dining room, and an open porch with 600 square feet of space.

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