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Cozy And Cute, Take A Look Inside, Could You Live In This Little Log Cabin?

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This is possibly the most adorable log cabin you have ever seen. This Log Cabin is Made from Native Pine Logs, Hand-Peeled By Schreinerei Amberg. The company is located at Alzenau in Michelbach in Germany. It would be ideal for those who live in the country or in neighboring countries in Europe. All log houses are built from high quality wood that the client can choose.

The client decides on the floor plans and wood type for the home. The company also produces beautiful log and wooden furniture that looks great in any decor. In the photo, you can see one of their tables in a modern kitchen and some of their furniture in the rustic cabin they built. These log cabins can be used as a sauna or as a lounging area in the backyard. These little cabins are often built for guests or as a small garden space to read and create art. These small log cabins have many uses.

The logs are all hand-peeled as you can see. Hand peeling logs is a difficult task. To hand peel logs, craftsmen will use the drawknife which has a very sharp edge. The blade is attached to two wooden handles, which can be held in both hands. These handles are used to scrape the bark and hard outer layer of the log with long strokes. They will remove all bark from the logs until the surface is smooth. After removing all bark, they will use a chainsaw to remove any knots from the log. To make it easy to peel logs, they will need a sharp drawknife. They also need to have a strong, stable posture. It’s a great way to get your body moving, so it’s important for craftsmen to be in good physical condition. Machine-peeled log homes are more common, but they still have the rustic look of hand-peeled logs.

The craftsmen measure the logs and then begin to build the walls by nipping the bottoms of the logs onto the top of each log below it. The logs are then scribed by the craftsmen. This involves putting the log above the lower one, levelling it and then using a divider to mark the log. It looks like a large drawing compasse with an indelible pen. The divider also has levels that make it easier for everything to stay neat and uniform. It is crucial that craftsmen do this right. Double checking is necessary. Once everything is leveled and aligned, the divider can be run along both logs. The top log will be marked to be cut. This is also how corner notches are made. It is quite impressive to see the skill of the craftsmen in scribing logs. To ensure that the logs are properly insulated, they must be cut straight and clean. These beautiful log houses and log furniture pieces are handcrafted by Schreinerei Amberg.




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