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Blue Ridge Beauty: A Tour of a Stylish and Cozy Modern Cabin

Small homes have steadily gained in popularity over recent years and it is easy to see why: their unique living experience combines simplicity, sustainability and close contact with nature – such as this cozy modern cabin in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains that sits on 2.5 acres, backing onto a mountain stream – serves as more than simply shelter – it provides respite from everyday stressors like work and school commitments.

Location and Surrounds

Secluded within Virginia’s breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains is this cabin, situated minutes away from landmarks such as Blue Ridge Parkway, Appalachian Trail and Glenwood Horse Trail for hiking enthusiasts looking for adventure. Offering both tranquility and excitement in equal measures this destination makes an excellent getaway spot.


Design and Structure

The cabin at just over 300 square feet challenges the notion that small equals cramped. Instead, this tiny home features an open floor plan and cathedral ceiling – giving an impression of spaciousness within. This cabin serves as proof that small spaces can still be comfortable when carefully planned for.

Cabin Accommodation

Although its diminutive size makes the cabin ideal for five, its amenities can comfortably house five individuals comfortably. A queen bed nestled away in an elegant loft adds charm while taking full advantage of vertical space; also available is a bedroom furnished with three bunk beds ideal for accommodating families or groups of friends.


This charming cottage has not only drawn the notice of lifestyle and travel enthusiasts; it has become one of the “Best Places to Glamp in Virginia”, making this charming cabin an attractive vacation choice. Savor magazine recently listed this cabin among their “Top 15 Glamping Sites,” making this cabin an attractive destination choice.

Living in an idyllic tiny home like this cozy modern cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains goes far beyond simply downsizing living space; it means adopting an experience-focused approach and appreciating nature’s gifts around every corner. No matter whether it is just temporary, or you wish to stay for awhile; this cabin promises an unforgettable stay!

Find time and peace to unwind can be challenging in today’s fast-paced world, but this cozy modern cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains may provide exactly that opportunity – perfect whether you’re into tiny home living, outdoorsy activities, or seeking serenity – it could become your next go-to spot!

Source: AIRBNB