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Discover all the secrets of this shipping container home that sleeps up to 7

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Brenda Kelly is the owner of IQ Container Homes – tiny homes made from sea containers. IQ Container Homes Waiheke Island is in New Zealand. In a YouTube Kelly reveals in an interview by Bryce that her container house has been her home for the past one and a half years. She loves her small space. The first part of Kelly’s home was a container measuring 20 feet (6 meters). Since then, she has added a 40-foot (12-meter) container.

Kelly does not miss her 20-foot (6m), but she has learned some valuable lessons on how to live in a small space. She says that having furniture with multiple uses is a key to tiny living. Another thing she mentions is not accumulating’stuff’ just because there is space. Kelly’s home has 484 square foot (148 square meters) between the two containers.
The first thing you’ll notice when entering Kelly’s home is the incredible porch in the backyard. The kitchen and living area flow into one another, maximising the space. The lounge has extra storage underneath, and it can also be used as an extra bed.
The kitchen includes a refrigerator/freezer combo. A two-burner oven and stove combo allows you to cook and entertain.

The deck is enclosed to allow you to enjoy the outdoors both in the summer and winter. This gives you more space to entertain guests and prevents you from feeling too enclosed.
The master bedroom’s bed has additional storage underneath. Full-length mirrors create the illusion of more space.
The 20-foot container was converted into an office and guestroom. The desk can be converted into a single-bed, and the couch behind has a Murphy bed which can be pulled down to create a two-bed.

The bathroom features a full-sized washing machines and a toilet with flush.  There is also a shower in the room. The water is collected from rain, but the potable water comes directly from the city utilities.
Kelly sells the excess power she doesn’t need to the city. She can use the city utilities if she ever needs more electricity. Kelly has found that with the right furniture and smart use of space, you can live “big” even in a small apartment.