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An Affordable 675 Square Foot Tiny House Is Perfectly Tailored to Serve Families of Five

The popularity of houses has been, on the rise due to the increasing number of people seeking a lifestyle or more affordable housing options. A great example is the Fairchild, a 675 foot house designed to accommodate a family of five. This remarkable dwelling, created by Viva Collectiv, a group specializing in tiny homes truly challenges the conventional perception of what a tiny house can be.

Tiny House

Exterior Design

The Fairchild, named after its location in Fairchild, Wisconsin boasts an exterior that seamlessly combines style and functionality. Its design showcases a metal siding complemented by accents of stone and wood. The shed roof not adds a touch but also allows for maximum ceiling height inside the home.

Unlike tiny houses built on wheels for portability the Fairchild is constructed on a foundation making it larger than your average tiny house. While this requires owning land it provides a 200 feet of living space compared to mobile alternatives.

Interior Design; Living Area, Dining Space and Kitchen

As you step into the Fairchild you’ll be welcomed by a living area featuring a sofa perfectly positioned for enjoying TV shows or Netflix on the wall mounted screen, above the fireplace.
The open floor plan of this design allows for a transition, between the living area dining space and kitchen.

Speaking of the kitchen it truly showcases design. It’s spacious enough to fit a double door fridge and oven with a microwave on top a double sink and even a dishwasher. The sleek and modern aesthetic is further enhanced by the abundance of cabinets and beautiful quartz countertops. It feels like a kitchen you’d find in a sized home rather than in a tiny house.

Moving on to the bathroom and bedrooms…

The Fairchild model prioritizes both comfort and functionality. The bathroom is generously sized, complete with a vanity and shower. If desired there’s even potential to include a bathtub.

Inside the house are three bedrooms. The master bedroom offers plenty of space along with its bathroom. Each bedroom has its shower ensuring maximum comfort for the family residing here. Additionally there’s a loft area that provides room for lounging or sleeping.

The Fairchild also features a patio that adds to the living space. This area is perfect for setting up seating arrangements or hosting barbecues. Making it ideal, for enjoying evenings under the stars.

This unique tiny house effectively demonstrates how well 675 square feet can be utilized to create an spacious living environment.
Whether its a cottage, a woodland home or your main residence the Fairchild proves that living in a house doesn’t require sacrificing comfort, functionality or style.

Source: Viva Collectiv