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Dreaming Of A Log Cabin? Try Out This 16×20 Cozy Log Home

  • 3 min read

Imagine living in a log cabin. You don’t have to commit to this cozy log cabin measuring 16 by 20 inches. You can dream of living in a loghouse or owning one, but buying or building one is a whole new world. Log home building can be a very stressful and costly process. Log home building is just like any other home building process. It has its ups as well as downs so it’s important to be prepared. Renting a log house or cabin to live in a log home is another great idea. It is amazing how great it is to wake up in a warm log house every morning and to breathe in the fresh air. You might find yourself unable to leave the log house, which is a good sign. Even if you don’t want to buy a log cabin or home, it can be very relaxing to live in one for a vacation.

Why is log home building so costly? Log home building is expensive because the materials used for the log cabin designs are very expensive. Wood is also valuable and not cheap. Wood is one of the most durable materials used in home construction. However, it’s the man-made products that seem to deteriorate more quickly than the natural materials. Think about how strong trees are in the forest they grow and live in. Trees can withstand strong winds and the coldest temperatures. These trees are so strong that even the strongest winds can’t bring them to the ground. The same determination can be used in building homes that are strong and beautiful, and can withstand any mother nature throws at them. Log houses have been proven to be resilient to hurricane winds that can reach speeds up to 100 kilometres an hour. Each log in a log house is a contributing factor to its strength and durability. Therefore, each log must be designed to withstand the elements as well as the home’s overall load.

Log home building projects require that the trees used must be from sustainable tree plantations. This means more people are employed and the cost of the materials will rise. The labour and the incredible quality of the wood are what you pay for. They will last a lifetime if they are well cared for. This smaller cabin is a great place for you to start if you are serious about building a log home. You can always add on later. This particular log cabin measures 16 by 20 feet and has running water. It’s located in Goldstream Valley near the University of Alaska Fairbanks. It features a large loft, and is a great place to live. The log joints are sealed and insulated. The floors and roof are also insulated using high density closed cell spray foam insulation. This makes the home very efficient. The oil heater heats the cabin and is very efficient. Because the cabin is well insulated, it stays warm even in the coldest months. All windows are triple-pane Low E argon-filled windows. Also, the front door has an insulated seal.

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