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Elite Log Homes Post & Beam From Siberian Cedar

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When you dream about living and owning a log home, this luxury log cabin is the sort of vision that comes to mind. The stunning cabin with its grand entrance of large Siberian Cedar posts and beams surrounded by forest is the thing for which dreams are made. The cedar for this post and beam log house comes from environmentally friendly regions where the large-diameter cedar grows in environmentally friendly regions of Siberia and is used to create log house frames.

The log house builders do not cut cedar in the lowlands, bypass wetlands, and select wood according to the 22 quality criteria. Is the post and beam method of log house construction the base of the log house is a frame that mounts chopped poles, large-diameter beams, and trusses which are made of hand-treated parts. Voids in the log house are filled with different building materials, ranging from colorful natural stones to living logs.

For the exclusive log house interior and magnificent exterior, most of the frame elements remain visible and play an important role in the interior design. Log pillars that go from floor to roof fascinate the eyes. All of the logs are made of majestic cedar, which has preserved the natural shape of the compiles.

Construction time and no shrinkage. Log houses using this technology are built faster than log cabins of the same size. The absence of log shrinkage accelerates the log house construction time, which allows you to immediately start finishing work and start installing communications. The exception is the option when logs serve as filler for walls in such mansions, shrinkage is carried out according to the same rules as classic log cabin buildings.

Post and beam log home is great if you like the look and feel of log work but don’t want a full scribe log house, a post and beam log home may be the perfect fit for you. Probably one of the most popular styles of timber home designs, post and beam log houses provides a natural log surface in and outside the home design but use fewer logs than a full scribe home resulting in cost savings and less settling maintenance. Post and beam log house structures are very flexible and consist of round vertical log posts that carry large horizontal logs on top.

Siberian Cedar is a building material that has a long history of proven performance. For centuries, Siberian Cedar has a reputation for being a naturally durable wood which makes it perfect for all outdoor projects. The wood is lightweight and is valued for its high natural resistance and decay properties. Siberian Cedar is also less susceptible to moisture, insect damage, and fungi growth. Cedar in log house construction is also water damage resistant and can successfully weather long periods of heavy rain and other extreme weather conditions to include snow, hail, and strong winds. Cedar has twice the stability of other popular conifers. Siberian cedar maintains its original dimensions when the wood is subjected to weather fluctuations and can resist twisting, cupping, and warping.

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