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Expanding Tiny House On Wheels Almost Doubles In Space With Slide Outs!

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The Aurora Nordic tiny house is a modern design. It measures 26 feet in length with 341 square footage on the main level and a loft area of 374 square feet. This tiny house on wheels can sleep up to five people, making it ideal for small house living. Prices start at $110,000, with two expandable slides as well as a one-ton towable. The Nordic is tiny, but there’s so much space on the main floor that it’s hard for people to believe. The main floor includes a queen-sized Murphy-bed, a dining area with an extendable table, a kitchen with full-sized fridge, a living and dining room, as well as a bathroom that has a shower. The loft features a twin-sized mattress. Modern finishes include wood floors and ceilings, stainless steel appliances and lots of windows that let in natural light. This tiny Nordic house on wheels is worth a look. It can be used as a full-time home, guest house, artist studio, vacation house, or guest house.

This tiny house on wheels is the perfect place to spend quality vacation time in a beautiful location. The tiny house is both small and large. This tiny house on wheels can be moved easily by the pull-out and has ample parking space. The Nordic is a great design for those who have never lived in a small house before. This tiny house on wheels has a beautiful exterior of wood and black painted, and an interior that is sure surprise. The living room features an electric fireplace and space for a flat-screen TV. It’s easy for small house living to be so popular in modern tiny houses on wheels like the Nordic tiny house design.

Small house living is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. Living in a small home can change your life. Living in a small home means less space, less cleaning, fewer bills, and more freedom. Your tiny home can go where you want it. The Nordic is a small, mobile house that can be moved around. It is made with high quality craftsmanship and pays attention to every detail. You can either live in a tiny home or rent it out as a second source of income. Sustainability is one of many benefits that small house living offers.

People are increasingly looking for tiny houses to simplify their lives. Even if you don’t want to live in a small house full-time, you can still use it for other purposes, such as a backyard office, artist studio or guest house, writer retreat, playhouse, garden shed or backyard retreat, small business, shed, and many more.


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