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Explore the Rustic Finishes Inside This Renovated 1930s Lakefront Log House

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The Bay Lake Lodge is a 1930s lodge on a peninsula in Bay Lake, Minnesota. It needed a complete restoration. The cabin building’s casements had been chewed by squirrels trapped within; 15 inches of water was in the basement, and snow was blowing in between the logs. The cabin building client wanted to preserve the log lodge’s beauty, improve natural lighting, modernize wood cabin layouts, and create a strong cabin building envelope. Albertsson Hansen Architects created a large dormer to bring in more light and enhance the lake views. Each window was replicated by a custom millwork business to match the 1930s windows.

A new kitchen was also added to the cabin building’s existing space, which included two small bedrooms and one bathroom. The new dormer structure was hidden by new roof insulation. However, the original ceiling was preserved. To improve compliance with zoning regulations, the log cabin building guesthouse had to be moved back 25 feet. The clients were very happy that they were able restore the cabin building for their enjoyment as well as for the benefit of the entire lake community. According to the owner, the log lodge is an important part of the lake’s history.

This log cabin restoration is a great example for a classic wood cabin build. It’s reminiscent of the ones many people grew up with. The cabin building is full of inspiration. Everything is perfect, including the stonework around the cabin building. The beautiful additions to the wood cabin include the chimney and stone fireplace, as well as the stone pillars that lead to the wood cabin and the addition at the side. Stone fireplaces can be a wonderful addition to a wood-cabin and can enhance the appeal of the build.

The screened-in porch is another wonderful feature of this beautiful cabin building. This is another great feature of log cabins, especially in areas where there are a lot of mosquitos. A screen-enclosed porch is a great place to relax, eat, or just hang out after a hard day. This log cabin is a great place to get inspiration. It has log and wood throughout, including the kitchen cabinets that match the logs. Wood cabins are finished with rustic wrought iron fixtures. The log furnishings and log railings add beauty to this log cabin. The log details of the exterior wood cabin are also used with log railings, log beams, and log details on its screened in porch.

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