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Farmhouse from the 1800s is painstakingly rebuilt. The interior is pure paradise

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This charming New England Farmhouse was constructed in 1850. But years of renovations had dulled its original charm. The owners wanted to restore the house’s old-fashioned charm so they designed a new design. The owners did not want to lose much of the original home, so they had to scrap it. The owners did extensive research to ensure that the new design reflected the style of a 19th-century home.
The house is now a stunning sight to behold. The best place to admire the beauty of the home is outside, where the wraparound porch of the Greek Revival beautifully wraps around the entire length. 
Most homes have a main staircase near the front door. But this New England Farmhouse is different — the staircase is located at the rear of your house in the main living space.
The dining room is simple and elegant. The round medallion on top of the ceiling contrasts beautifully with the square windows, doorways and fireplace.

According to the home Houzz Page, most of the wood used in the library was sourced locally just like it was when it was built in 1850. 
The barn nearby was used to source the support beams for the kitchen. It has plenty of space for cooking, and even a fireplace. 
With its traditional black-and-white color scheme, the bathroom offers the option to use the walk in or standalone bathtub. Marble countertops add a timeless beauty to the room. 
The walkway was paved with bricks from the original 1850 chimney. The walkway was paved with bricks from the original 1850 chimney.
You can see more photos of this stunning traditional Farmhouse at its website. Houzz page.
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