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Featured Log Builder: Backwoods Log Homes

  • 4 min read

When building a log home or cabin, it is important to find the best log builder. It can be overwhelming to look at all the log builders available because there are so many. It’s important that you support your local economy by finding a log builder in your area. If you don’t find one in your area, keep searching until you find someone you feel comfortable working with. Backwoods Log Homes is a Wisconsin-based family-owned company. They could be the perfect log builder for you if you live near that area. Their log homes are built by a small group of skilled log builders who are highly skilled and talented at their craft. They are passionate about building log cabins and log homes. They are also very hands-on with customers and treat every project as if it were their own home. All logs used for their log projects are of premium quality and air dried.

Companies will usually allow logs to air dry in order to avoid drying out too quickly and to allow for natural drying. These logs are approximately 14 to 24 inches in size, and customers can choose the diameter that they want for their home. They leave the logs with a natural taper so that no milled logs are used in the log home’s shell. They keep the logs straight-length without any joins. Log builders use full-scribe construction methods to create log homes that are both tighter fitting and offer the highest insulation. Each log is scribed by hand using hand tools. This allows them to precisely shape each log to the contours of the log below it. This will create a tight seam between the logs, which is usually not necessary for chinking. A chink log home is a great alternative to a full-scribe log house. This type of build is perfect for cabins that don’t get used all year. The logs aren’t scribed as full-scribed logs so there are gaps between them that are filled with chinking. Backwoods log builders also offer piece-on-piece log homes. This construction method combines post and beam construction with log building using mortise tenon joinery to stack log wall between the posts.

Both the full-scribe and chink styles are possible in the piece-on piece method. Log home restoration is another option Backwoods Log Homes provides. They can do everything, from restaining and stripping logs to make the log home look new and preserve it for many years. Or they can do more complicated projects like removing and replacing rotten logs. The log builders will work with customers throughout the process to ensure that they are satisfied with how their log home turns out. The price per square foot for full-scribe log shells will fluctuate depending on market prices and the floor plan. Log packages will include log walls, log beams in loft, log floorjoists, log posts, log trusses as well as log trusses, log posts, purlins, ridge beams, and all windows and doors which are cut to accept the framing. All through bolts and electrical chases are also included. It also includes the disassembly/re-assembly (or re-assembly) of the log shell, as well as 1 to 2 skilled log builders to assist with the work.

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