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Featured Log Builder: The Little Log House Company

  • 4 min read

The Little Log House Company can help you build the log home of your dreams. The company’s log builders use traditional log home building methods that have been in use for centuries around the globe. These practices have been passed down through the generations of log house builders and provide us with the strongest and most durable homes. The semi-round logs are used in their small log homes and have a rustic look. You can see the size of the logs they use and how each log fits together so there are no cracks. You get a natural, rustic appearance instead of the factory-made look that prefabricated log houses can give you. You can be sure that you are getting a true log home building experience when you choose a company like this.

The log houses’ designs are beautiful and reminiscent of traditional European homes. They also include nice touches like a balcony from the upstairs bedroom or a deck at the main level. The log house is charming and personalized by the little details, such as the wood carvings around the doors and windows. It’s charming that some roof edgings have a scalloped look. The log homes they create are often simpler than those on the market, and therefore have a smaller footprint. These log homes are also very energy-efficient as they are easy to heat or cool. The log homes’ interiors are just as charming as the exteriors. It is also nice that the wood is kept very light in colour and the windows have been placed so that maximum natural light can enter the home. The home’s interior is adorned with natural wood lap ceiling panels and wood floors. A home like this will make you feel as if you are surrounded by nature. The log homes and cabins have high-end fixtures and finishes that make them feel modern and luxurious.

The Little Log House Company can also build larger log homes. While they have premade plans, they are also able to do custom work. These log cabins and log homes can be shipped to the United States or Canada. The log house is built in their warehouse, then transported to the building site for rebuilding. These log houses cost a lot because they include handmade log walls, a roof with wood or metalshingles, double-glazed windows, and wide board pine flooring. Other details include an antique timber post-a-beam fireplace, hand-forged metal rail, and handmade pine stairs. The cabin package includes the interior beams and pine doors, as well as the pine ceiling and cladding, and the architectural drawings. Customers can also choose a thatched roof for a more traditional European look. Take a look at their log home and cabin designs to see which one you like best. Their cabins are great for smaller spaces and are more affordable. However, log home owners can look at their log home designs.

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