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Affordable One-Story Log Home Ranch Style For $40,000!

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a charming log home tucked away in nature then your search ends here. Meadowlark Log Homes presents a single story ranch style log home that combines comfort, affordability and rustic appeal. With a price tag of $40,000 this remarkable abode is a worth exploring.

Log Home

Embrace the Outdoors, with Living Log Home

Encompassing a 1,176 square feet this log home offers ample living space for you and your loved ones to relish. The designed floor plan features a living area with high cathedral ceilings that create an open and inviting ambiance. The equipped kitchen allows you to prepare meals while basking in the warmth and beauty of the natural wood surroundings.

Log Home

Unwind, on the Expansive Porch

A standout feature of this log home is its 32 square meter deck thats perfectly designed for relaxation and outdoor gatherings. Moreover there’s a covered porch spanning 336 meters which provides a delightful space to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the great outdoors. Whether you seek solitude or wish to host gatherings with friends and family this spacious porch offers possibilities.

Customize it to Reflect Your Style

At Meadowlark Log Homes you have the freedom to personalize your log home according to your preferences.With an array of home kits you have the freedom to choose the one that suits your preferences and requirements. Not can you personalize the design but you also have complete control, over the interior details. Consider incorporating stone masonry to enhance the charm of your log home resulting in a distinctive and welcoming space.

Craftsmanship and durability are hallmarks of Meadowlark Log Homes reputation. Their team of artisans ensures that each log home is constructed with attention to detail and adheres to the highest standards of quality. These homes are built using logs that provide both integrity and natural insulation guaranteeing your comfort throughout all seasons.

Imagine waking up in your master bedroom enveloped by the warmth and elegance of wood. As you step out onto your porch you’re greeted by the soothing sounds of nature and captivating vistas. Whether its savoring a tranquil morning coffee or gathering around a crackling fireplace with loved ones this log home promises to create memories.

The allure of a ranch style retreat, in a one story log home is irresistible. Meadowlark Log Homes makes this dream attainable.Immerse yourself in the embrace of nature, with a log home that combines affordability, customizable options and a commitment, to quality. Experience the charm of log cabin living. Escape the fast paced demands of everyday life. This is your chance to enjoy tranquility in a log home that offers everything you desire.

Source: Meadowlark Log Homes