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Houseboat Vacations Are Now A Reality With These Small Craft

Imagine taking a vacation where you could relax on the tranquil waters, bask under the warmth of the sun, and move with complete freedom – welcome to floating tiny houseboats by Quebec boatbuilder Daigno; these houseboats were carefully designed with attention paid to detail, efficiency and sustainability in mind.

Le Koroc: Breakthrough in Sustainable Living

Daigno offers several notable models in their collection of houseboats, but one in particular stands out: Le Koroc is an extremely lightweight houseboat weighing only 5,000 pounds! Constructed using high-grade plywood and laminated white cedar beams for optimal longevity while remaining light enough for effortless transport, Le Koroc stands out as a shining star among Daigno models.

Size and Transportability

Le Koroc houseboat measures 24 feet long by 8 feet wide, making it easily transportable across state borders while adhering to all relevant regulations. Owners can take their houseboat wherever desired without hassles such as those associated with larger houseboats that can weigh as much as 40,000 lbs!

Interior Design and Amenities

Le Koroc offers all of the amenities for an enjoyable stay despite its small size, including everything necessary for comfortable dining and sleeping. In its kitchen is a small table which converts into a bed when extended; bathroom features an optional shower stall; plus there is ample storage space so all essentials and more can be brought along on vacation!

Solar Energy at Le Koroc

One of the hallmarks of Le Koroc is its commitment to sustainable living, using an impressive 265W solar panel attached to its metal roof for powering refrigeration and lighting needs, cutting back on traditional electricity sources while LED bulbs further minimize power use ensuring you can enjoy all of the comforts of home without leaving an indelible carbon imprint behind.

Daigno Houseboats Offer A Range of Designs Its While Le Koroc may be appealing to some, Daigno offers several models designed specifically to cater to each homeowner’s individual preferences and meet individual needs and wants. Each houseboat model can also be personalized by adding additional options until your dream houseboat feels truly at home!

Le Koroc V: Holiday Series Houseboat

Measuring 28 feet by 8.6 feet wide, Le Koroc V provides more space to relax and unwind with its larger cabin and waterproof deck equipped with seating – perfect for those searching for extra relaxation space!

L’Equinoxe: the Big Daddy

L’Equinoxe, the larger variant of Le Koroc, measures 32 feet by 9.1 feet. With ample living space for four adults to spread out comfortably in this model’s two single beds that can be moved as needed and its deck equipped with cozy couches, it provides more freedom.

L’Equinoxe D: A Double Decker

L’Equinoxe D, our largest houseboat option, features a double-deck design with the living area on both decks – ideal for large groups or families looking for plenty of activities and plenty of room to spread out and have fun onboard!

Daigno houseboats provide more than a vacation option; they’re lifestyle options too! Their floating tiny houseboats combine comfort, convenience, and eco-friendliness in ways no other home could. No matter if you love fishing or wildlife photography – Daigno houses offer something suitable for every passion on or near water! From avid anglers and wildlife observers alike to people simply who prefer being by water; whatever your passion there’s bound to be one waiting just for you at Daigno’s floating tiny houseboat homes!…what could possibly beat owning an eco-friendly home while engaging in your hobbies at Daigno?


Designed by: Daigno