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Floor Plan: The British Columbia Log Home with Tons of Outdoor Space

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Brenda and Jim Johnson had enjoyed vacations in British Columbia’s mountains, and they were ready to make this area their home year-round.

Brenda and Jim Johnson had spent vacations in British Columbia’s mountains. They were ready to make this area their home year round. They searched and searched for property before finally finding a 4.5 acre lot with a great view of the mountains.

Log home:
The Johnsons were inspired to build a log home by “Timber Kings,” an American cable television series about Canadian log home builders. The Johnsons were drawn to the log post-and beam concept. The home will not have traditional stacked log walls, but handcrafted character logs will still be a key feature.

The most important features
The Johnsons were eager to get away from the short summers in Saskatchewan, where they had been living for many years. They wanted their home to have plenty of outdoor space. They wanted an open plan that would allow them to live on the main level while still accommodating their guests.

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The Lowdown
The Johnsons were impressed by the work of Tyee Timber and Log in Kimberley, British Columbia. Rob Wheeler was their architect and they worked together to create a plan that made the most of the site’s ravine. The Johnsons can enjoy the outdoor spaces, whether they are looking for shade or sun, in their main living area.

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An angle of the kitchen allows for a better view of your great room.

Inside Scoop
The Johnsons use Western red cedar posts with naturally flared ends measuring up to 42 inches in diameter. Rob states that the design can be affected by using large log posts. Consider these things if you are considering log post-and beam construction.

The size of the rooms. Large bases can occupy a lot of floor space.
You have many options for personalization. Artists have carved several posts for the Johnsons. The posts that will flank their entry doors feature an eagle with its nest and howling wolf.
Exterior finishes. Exterior finishes can be done in many ways in the Johnsons’ home. Post-and-beam construction allows you to use half-logs on the exterior of your home for a traditional, stacked-log look.
There is less shrinkage. Log walls can shrink as the logs dry, and then settle. Log post-and-beam construction doesn’t have as much shrinkage or settlement.

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