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For Sale Off-grid Mountain Log Cabin

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Log cabins made by hand are ideal for both vacation homes and permanent residences. This log cabin can be used as a recreational cabin, guest house on your property, or storage area. This log cabin is located in the Mission Mountains, Montana between Arlee Lakes and Seeley Lakes. The log cabin, along with the 2.5-acre parcel it sits on that borders the Jocko river’s north fork are available for sale. The charming off-grid log cabin is not only charming but also has acres of protected land that doesn’t have any restrictive covenants. Ideal for adventurers or those who simply want a peaceful, quiet place to call home.

The cabin measures 1,596 square feet and was built using Amish handcrafted logs that were all harvested from the property. It’s just like they did when the first settlers arrived in North America. It is an incredible feat to build a cabin this traditional. Even better, the cabin can be used throughout the year because it was built to withstand all weather conditions. The fireplace made from hand-crafted river rock will keep the home warm, cozy, and provide great ambience. They also included great details such as the hickory cabinet. Outside, there is a barrel sauna, a 12 x 28 foot shed with an insulated dog pen, a metal roofed woodshed 12 x 24 feet, and even a guest bunkhouse. What more could you want?

The log cabin is made entirely from natural materials. The woodburning fireplace will then be able to reuse any waste left over from the project. This makes their projects very eco-friendly. Off-grid is a great option for those looking for a sustainable cabin. If you have ever wanted a log home or cabin, but don’t want all the work and high costs associated with building one from scratch, then you can simply buy one already built for you. You can make any modifications as necessary to fit your personal style. You don’t have to buy a Montana log cabin, or even a log home in the United States. It’s worth looking at the amazing designs to get an idea about what you want when it comes down to designing your own log home.

If you are thinking of building a log cabin or house from scratch, it is a good idea to look online for inspiration. Our website has tons of inspiration. We have gathered all the most beautiful log homes and cabins and put them all together in one place. There are many log cabin designs online. Take a look at them all and see which ones you are most drawn to.

Next, you can look at log cabin designs that have the same or similar design. If you find that you really like the rustic style of this log cabin, then you can keep looking at classic, traditional, and rustic log cabin designs. You can also look at manufactured log homes and cabins if you prefer a modern style. This log cabin is currently for sale in Montana. It could be sold shortly. However, you can still look at log cabin designs and log houses on real estate websites for inspiration to build your log cabin.

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