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Former Boat Builder Sculpts Breathtaking Wooden Bathtubs

  • 3 min read

These beautiful bathtubs are wood works of art. The modern wooden bathtubs are a modern way to enjoy luxurious wood baths. The tubs created by NK Woodworking and Design provide a unique, maintenance free wooden bath. These wooden art pieces are fully stabilized, waterproof, and feel smooth to the touch. The wooden tubs can withstand extreme humidity, common liquid cleaners, and dryness. They are suitable for daily use. The wooden tubs are available for purchase directly from them or through select galleries and showrooms across the United States. Handcrafted in Seattle from sustainable domestic and exotic hardwoods, these beautiful wooden tubs look great. Each wooden tub is then finished using their specialized finish system. It has unmatched durability. These wooden bathtubs will be the focal point of your bathroom. Imagine how luxurious this bathroom feature will make you feel. Their custom wood bathtubs can be shipped anywhere in the world from their Seattle, Washington studio. These woodworkers are skilled at creating unique bathtubs unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

NK Woodworking also creates custom staircases. These include grand curved staircases with metal, glass, and stone. They create floating open-riser staircases that offer expansive views. Modern spiral stairs will be loved by anyone who sees them. You can choose from a variety of fine wood furniture options and a custom-made dining table. With their modern live edge tables made of reclaimed urban timbers, log furniture is given a whole new meaning. They offer custom conference tables in elegant hardwoods, unique desks and custom-designed beds. You can choose from free-standing or built-in wooden tubs with striking inlays. This is luxury at its best. They use either reclaimed hardwoods or local Washington arborists. Their custom woodworking designs use Big Leaf Maple, Mango and Wild Cherry hardwoods.

Custom log furniture, stairs and custom wood tubs are made in Seattle. They use a unique shop system that allows them plan, assemble, as well as to work through the unique wooden design requirements of each piece. They can install anywhere in the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and many other locations around the globe. They offer services in art design and wood crafting. These include staircase design, furniture design, complete room design for log houses and home designs as well as sculpture, art pieces, and bathtubs.

Wood is the most environmentally-friendly building material that you will find. These wooden stairways, furniture, and bathtub designs can be enjoyed even more when they are made from renewable resources. Any environmentally-conscious person should be favoring wood as a building material over other natural resources. A healthy forest with sustainably managed trees contributes to the economic well-being of communities as well as the environmental health of our planet. These are all things you should consider when you’re deciding on the furniture you want.

More information can be found here: NK Woodworking Design