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Genius Housing! The Arched Cabin Costs from around $3000 (size depending) and only takes 1-2 Weeks to Build Yourself!

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Here’s a company that offers small cabins that are very affordable and stylish. Arched Cabins, a Texas company that builds arched cabins, can help you build one for less than $4,000 This is a very affordable price for a tiny cabin that can serve many purposes. These tiny cabins speak for themselves. You will be amazed at the amount of space and what you can do with the interior. One of these tiny cabins even has a staircase to take you up to another level.
You will love the exterior, with all the different colors you have to choose from for your tiny house or cabin. These tiny, arched cabins look great together. You can choose from neutral tones or bright reds and greens. The colour chart also includes Hawaiian Blue. This is the panel that is the continuous roof on the tiny home. It comes with an unbeatable 40-year warranty.
There are many sizes available, from a tiny 8-foot cabin with arched roof to a tiny 24-foot cabin. The 24-foot-tall arched cabin is ideal for comfortable living. The tiny cabin you see in the photos looks just like one of those luxurious log cabins. It is important to remember that this price is only for the shell and does not include the foundation, delivery, or installation. You can request a turnkey option if you want to walk into the tiny house with everything being done by the company. This tiny cabin could be built by you, which would reduce costs and give you the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself.

Arched Cabins is a fast-growing business with two company-owned locations. Their manufacturing operations are located outside of Houston, Texas in Cypress. Timberon, New Mexico is the home of their build team. David Cruey, founder of the Arched Cabins, has worked on numerous tiny house projects over many years. He had one goal: to design a cost-effective, efficient, attractive, simple-to-build structure that can be used in multiple ways.

The Arched cabins have been used for everything: workshops, retirement homes and animal shelters to RV shelters to hunting lodges. The Arched Cabin can easily be modified to meet any lifestyle or need. You can have your Arched Cabin fully insulated, with lofts and finished interiors, to make it the tiny home or cabin you’ve always wanted. They can also come with basic end caps and minimal insulation to be used as garages or shelters for animals. The best thing about the Arched Cabins is their quick build times. The Arched Cabins feel like a blank canvas, waiting for you and your personal touches to make it your own.

There are several foundation options to choose from when building an Arched Cabin. You have the option to pour a concrete foundation, build an all-steel pier and beam foundation, or use a wood frame to support it. The Arched Cabins Build Team has skilled builders who can complete your exterior rough in and put together your new Arched Cabin Kit in as little as three days. Or, if you prefer to have your Arched Cabin Kit built on an existing foundation or a new one, you can do it with a friend over a weekend.

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