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Gorgeous 750 sq ft cabin’s most impressive secrets await behind its open door

  • 3 min read

Step inside and you will find everything you need for a long-term stay.  There’s everything you need, from a washer, dryer, to an oven, range and sink.

The large windows in front of the sink and the front door let in plenty of light.  The windows look out onto the wooded surroundings, so you can cook with a view and clean up afterwards.
There is plenty of room for a comfortable sitting area near a generous fireplace.
Even though the spaces are combined they are separated by the placement and orientation the furniture in order to create a feeling of separate environments.
Take a look at the view of the kitchen.
Small touches can add character and depth to your home.

A small table is easily pulled out from the wall for entertaining guests or enjoying a pleasant evening in your home.
The upstairs bedroom has a queen-size mattress.
The tiny cabin has a walk in closet. 
The master bathroom is located in the apartment, and there is a second bathroom available for guests.
The guest room is a beautiful place to be.

The guest bedroom has a “secret patio”.
There is a large deck for guests.
There is also a seating area outside for two people where we can imagine spending hours with our loved ones.