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Hit the Slopes in this Tiny House Designed for its Ski-Loving Owner

  • 5 min read

When the builders at Maximus Extreme Living Solutions are contacted about building a tiny home for their customers, they say they’re limited by three things only: imagination, budget, and laws of gravity. This next tiny house shows just how true that is! Featuring blue metal accents and light wood siding, this home has several decks and resembles a puzzle more than a house!
Maximus Extreme Living Solutions

This completely custom home was designed to be the perfect place for a skiing enthusiast to call home so of course it has ample room for storing skiing equipment and it also has a rooftop deck to enjoy the snowy scenery after a long day on the slopes. The owner also insisted on having a hot tub, so a wood-burning tub was found that can be stashed in the house while on the move!
Maximus Extreme Living Solutions

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